The green carpet

006One of the main attractions of Sylhet region is its tea estates. These centuries-old estates are not only acclaimed for their scenic beauty, but also play an important role in the economy of the area as well as the country as tea is a product that has high international and local demand.
Every year, many tourists visit the area. Few months back New Age’s staff photojournalist Sourav Lasker visited one of the oldest tea gardens in Bangladesh Lakkatura Tea Estate. Located close to the city of Sylhet, it is one of the most beautiful tea gardens in the country.
With a plantation area of 1,600 acres, the tea estate is one of the largest tea estates in the country. It produces around 500,000 kilogramme of tea every year. The plantations look like green carpet and are a beauty to watch. Anyone can enjoy driving or walking through the sandy road in the tea garden, thus becoming a part of nature.=

Text by Ahmed Shatil Alam
Photos by Sourav Lasker




































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