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Mahfuzul Haque writes about a robot that can boldly reach and gather information from places, which cannot be accessed by human beings

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ASM Shamim Hasan

ASM Shamim Hasan

Imagine you have accidentally dropped your mobile phone in a dark, confined space and your numerous attempts to recover it have turned out to be unsuccessful. In such a situation, you may feel terribly saddened to have lost your favourite device.
To address such moments of despair, ASM Shamim Hasan, an MSC student of Applied Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering department at Islamic University Kushtia, has recently invented a robot. The device is capable of collecting information from spaces which are usually out of the reach of humans.
The robot, controlled by a smart phone, acts like a human that is made of three wheels, a hand, a camera and a light. The camera attached to it visually renders the confined spaces onto the computer screen. For example, in an archeological site, there may be some confined spaces where people cannot go; in such a case, the robot may prove useful to help the archeologists, Hasan shares.
013The smart phone via Bluetooth can also control the direction of the camera to get pictures of all sides of the confined space. If there is no light in the space, the robot is also capable of rendering the images of the place by using the IR light attached to it.
The hand of the robot functions to hold the substance you want to bring outside, Hasan says. At present, the robot is capable of carrying a substance with a maximum weight of 50 grammes.
The functions of the robot, however, are not confined to just these tasks. It can also act as a spy. If law enforcing agencies need to trace people inside a place, the robot can transmit visuals as well as voice of the people through a sound chip attached to it, informs Hasan

014In the modern world, the use of robot is increasingly getting popular in every sphere of human life. While taking assistance of robots in carrying out household chores is gaining ground in many developed countries, robots can also play a crucial role in relief work to those in need during natural disasters and terror attacks that often leave widespread damage and make it difficult for rescue teams to reach the injured.
Hasan says that his robot can help in such rescues while also gather information of hard to reach places.
About two months ago, he started developing it as an initiative to quench thirst to learn about robotics and finally became successful. He intends to develop his current robot by increasing the number of wheels to four so that it can walk on the grass and on uneven surface. ‘I also have a plan to strengthen its capacity to carry more weight,’ Hasan says.
About a year ago, the student also invented a line follower robot, as part of his academic project. He is dreaming of building a drone in the near future.

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