A testament to the sacrifices

photos and text by Md Hatem Ali

006Bijoy’ 71, a monument of historic importance and aesthetic beauty, is located at the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) campus in Mymensingh.
Famous sculptor Shyamal Chowdhury built the beautiful monument, which is reminiscent of the nation’s liberation war.
The sculpture was built in 2000 near the Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin auditorium and was dedicated to the memory of 18 students, teachers and employees of the university who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country in 1971. The memorial consists of three statues: a student, a woman and a farmer.
The statue of the woman holds a rifle on her back and extends a hand apparently as a call upon people, irrespective of their gender, to take part in the war with courage and whatever they have.
007The statue representing a student freedom fighter holds a rifle in one hand and a grenade in another. It depicts the vigour of students with which they fought to free their beloved country from the clutches of the occupational forces.
The statue of the farmer holds a flag aloft on top of his rifle, indicating the great victory of December 16, 1971.
There are also some portraits at the pedestal of the sculpture depicting the language movement, historic six-point movement and mass revolution and cruel genocide committed by the Pakistani occupational forces and their local collaborators.
Expressing his feelings about Bijoy’71, Professor Dr AKM Zakir Hossain, a teacher of BAU Crop Botany department said: ‘It’s our pride that we have such a great monument on our campus. It always reminds me of the supreme sacrifices of freedom fighters, our struggles for rights, honour and dignity.’
Many visitors, from different parts of the country who come to the BAU campus in Mymensingh, make it a point to visit the monument.


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