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Bangladeshi freelance software developers and outsourcing companies have managed to make a name for themselves in the world’s outsourcing market.
New Age Xtra had asked its readers whether they feel that software developers should also foray into game developing, an avenue that is being pursued currently by many South Asian countries in this market. Readers were also asked how the game developers can be supported by the government.
Earlier, prior to November 17, 2015, readers had also commented on their desired tourist destinations.


009Jonayer Saad
December 13, 2015

It is great that we have already placed our footprints in the international market through individual efforts. Though the young talents had received little support from the government, they have done commendable jobs so far.  I believe that the talented young generation will continue to represent Bangladesh in the global arena through their work.


010Naymul Islam Hemel
December 13, 2015

We have many skilled and enthusiastic game developers in our country. They are capable of competing in the global spheres through their hard-work and dedication. What the government can do is, nurture the talents by providing skill developing trainings, financial assistance, and technical support.


011Jamil Ahmed
December 15, 2015

It is a good initiative taken by our developers to be a part in the international outsourcing market. If we get assistance and guidance from the government, we will do better not only in game developing but also in all other aspects of outsourcing.

012Desired destinations for outing
Raphy Islam
November 17, 2015

During religious festivals like Eid, I usually have to spend hours on the roads to reach home due to the terrible gridlock all around. So I find winter to be the best season for trips to my village. I usually do not prefer to go to the popular tourist spots in the country because people usually find the season convenient to go on a trip; thus overcrowding the popular tourist spots. I can feel the chill of winter in my village. It caters to me the opportunity to spend quality time with my family members.


013Naymul Islam Hemel
November 17, 2015

Winter is always wonderful because it is a season when I can recharge myself by visiting my favourite destinations with my friends. I am intending to visit Saint Martin in December. Though it is the best season for going on trips, the cold weather also causes various seasonal diseases. To get rid of the problem I will take warm cloths. I hope the trip will be enjoyable.


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