Leaving your comfort zone!

by Arafat Mohammad Noman

012British novelist C.S Lewis has said it brilliantly: ‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.’ Here the dream is not something unattainable or chimerical; rather the dream is that point where your arrival makes you silent while others deluge you with their eulogistic downpour.
But, yes a big ‘but’, the path to chase that dream is a ruthless one. That path will not spare a single chance to make you feel feeble. It aims at breaking your last drop of tolerance, hard-work and perseverance. The question then evolves: How much will you lose? To what extent are you ready to sacrifice your comfort zone? Yes, the comfort zone that you have been nurturing for long; the comfort zone that compels you to stay in bed for a while long; the comfort zone that allows you to carry on your indolent slumber with your favourite music on.
The generation seems stuck in ‘nothing much’ symptoms. Nothing seems to excite them except overtly expressing themselves on social media. Being digital does not always make you faster in pace. It sometimes makes you sloth in your own bubble of comfort zone from where you are afraid or not interested to come out.
Take a deep breath and think: How much more different would the world be if people stayed huddled and where ‘it’s comfortable.’ Think back to the most meaningful, amazing moments of your life.
When you examine them you will find that they had you stepping out of your comfort zone. Trying something new and unfamiliar brings extra excitement and emotion to the event. These endeavours leave us with a greater sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that simply doing the same thing every day cannot.
Great things can never be embraced in a cocoon of comfort. You necessarily need not to be a daredevil in your venture of life.
What you have to be is a little risk-taker in your prosaic (if you have any) ‘machine life’ of home-office-home / home-university-home route. For example, you can try a new route to your home or you can walk further before yearning for a CNG-scooter or a rickshaw. You can simply avoid the elevator to reach the third floor of your workplace or you can have a simple dinner shoving off your gastronomy for a day. You can just go out with your camera (even if it’s an android not a professional one) and take photos with strangers, listen to them, discuss their plight, their way of life. That can be a beginning; some paltry changes that lead you to a significant goal.
Success lies beyond the zone where we are more comfortable, your dream resides in that boundary where you are afraid of stepping out. Those small steps of stretching your zone will give you a wave of strength which can take you to the position that you have been cherishing. Surely, you will stumble on the way. You will not be accepted convivially when you try to break out of your chamber of relief. In most of the cases you will meet your very good friend ‘failure’. You will be drowning in agony and the apathy towards life will try to engulf you slowly.
Humankind is intrinsically indomitable. If it would not be like this, our forefathers could not have crossed the Stone Age! Think it that way, whatever gives you a sense of achievement is actually a result of your previous attempt. The moment you decide to do something great, you also have to face the fact that you will be bumped out of your comfort zone because that is the only way you can do it. Don’t be afraid of the change. Instead, be excited of the great possibilities ahead.
Push your limit, soar higher to become ‘uncomfortable’. You are not at all ‘growing’ when you feel soothed from your daily activities.

The author is a faculty member from the English department of East West Universit

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