A new wave in films of Bangladesh

This week, New Age Xtra asked the readers whether they feel that recent movies like ‘Sutopar thikana’, ‘Chuye dile mon’, ‘Zero degree’, ‘Olpo olpo premer golpo’ etc can bring back audiences from various segments of society to the cinema halls. They were also asked about the probable improvements that can be made in the filmmaking sector.

Readers also commented on current affairs and articles, published in the last issue.

re01Tanvir Hasan Anik
May 10

Slowly but surely our Bengali movies are improving. The recent movies like ‘Chuye Dile Mon’, ‘Zero degree’ etc cannot bring back the audiences from the various segments of society to the cinema halls due to weak scripts, poor production and sound quality and average music. Camerawork and direction also needs to improve.
There is no doubt that we have many talented and dedicated people in our film industry. What we need now is to assist them properly by providing adequate logistics. If these factors are ensured then I think very soon our movies will be able to maintain global standards in film making.

re02Hafiz Al Asad
May 10

Now the qualities of Bengali cinemas are better that those released in previous years, but these are still not at par with Hollywood or Bollywood movies.
I have watched Zero Degree. The plot of the movie was good but the way the story was narrated was dull. I appreciate the attempt… It is a good sign that Bangladesh is trying to make good movies but there are areas in film-making where improvements are necessary.

re03Aminul Islam
May 10

Yes, I am hopeful about a positive change in our local film industry as young minds and story-tellers are coming now. They are trying to tell new stories through fresh narratives and new interpretations of lives and societies… Some highly professional corporate bodies like Jazz Multi Media, ATN Entertainment, Impress TeleFilm, Runner Group, Asiatic – are investing to produce films while young audiences are enthused to watch these films. So, it is absolutely true that a new wave is taking place in the country’s film industry…

re04Sardar M Mohiuddin
May 10

A few films are not enough to bring back the audience to cinema halls. Earlier, people went to theatres in groups as cinema was the only medium of entertainment, but now satellite television and internet are at their fingertips. They watch foreign movies and do not like Bengali movies which are indirect copies of the former.
The quality of theatre is another core factor. Those who watch movies at Star Cineplex do not want to go the nearby Purnima Cinema Hall because of its dilapidated state. Interestingly, the majority of Bangladeshis do not have the capability to go to Star Cineplex.
I suppose movies like ‘Chuye dile mon’, ‘Zero Degree’, ‘Olpo olpo premer golpo’ are made mainly for urban people. The vast village population of the country is not interested in these movies and will prefer those which they can relate to. Two such movies that I can recall is ‘Three idiots’ of Bollywood and ‘Jibon theke neya’ of Bangladesh.

re05Khandakar Joyef
May 9

In Bangladesh, there is no institute for the new generation to learn film making, production etc, which is present in our neighbouring country. We surely can make big cinema halls, but we need to dedicate efforts to produce talents who will write scripts, give direction, do research, compose songs and make the film. Only then we can expect to see better days for the Dhaliwood industry.

re06Masum Parvez

May 9

Except for ‘Sutopar thikana’, recent films like ‘Chuye dile mon’, ‘Zero Degree’, ‘Olpo olpo premer golpo’ seem to be television dramas.



The day the earth shook
re07Imayed Ahsan Tamim
May 11, 2015

It’s pretty hard to imagine the terror they have experienced. My cousin was there too during the earthquake. It’s horrific. I just hope and pray that we don’t have to face such brutal calamities in our country.

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