Toughest profession

This week, New Age Xtra had asked the readers what, in their opinion, is the most difficult profession in Bangladesh and their reasons.

re1Hasan Masrur Tanjil
March 15, 2016

Being an entrepreneur is the most difficult job in Bangladesh due to the lack of capital and experience on and off the field.


re2Imayed Ahsan
March 15, 2016

Every single profession is difficult in Bangladesh. Low wages, almost zero benefits, lack of good governance, limited government support, lack of job security, devaluation of higher degrees, unfair/unethical HR policies, transportation problem, excessive traffic in metro cities especially in Dhaka and other factors are creating problems for each and every employee in Bangladesh.

re3Mainul Islam Antor
March 16, 2016

There are many types of jobs in Bangladesh. Though marketing is not a job that anyone would enjoy, I think it is one of the most difficult jobs in Bangladesh. The people in our country are not very friendly with strangers. So when a marketer goes to a person to introduce a new product or service, he/she is usually shown the least respect. In my opinion, sales and marketing related jobs are the most difficult in our country.

re4Asif Mahmud
March 17, 2016

I think it is difficult to continue with a positive attitude as any professional in Bangladesh. But it becomes almost impossible when you are working in a government office and you do not want to engage in corruption. The reason behind this, in my opinion, is not the salary scale or problems with the benefits available. The reason is that the system is not working in the right manner in any of the public organisations.

re5Pavel Siddiqe
March 17, 2016

Each and every profession will prove difficult if you try to be honest in your job. Honesty seems to be the last requirement that employers and the overall system is looking from us.

re6Nasrin Kajol
March 17, 2016

I think any kind of hard work is difficult in the country. These day-labourers work for a long time and very cheap wage rates.

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