Hills of Maheshkhali

Photos and text by Sadiqur Rahman

0006It would take nearly half an hour at thrilling speed on a boat to reach Maheshkhali Island from the number six ghat of Cox’s Bazar district.
The beautiful Maheshkhali, the only hilly island of the country, covers an area of approximately 268 square kilometres that always welcomes guests with its spectacular tranquility. The entire island is mostly engulfed by mangrove forests where tourists can, besides visiting picturesque hills, religious worship centres and peaceful sea shores, learn about its inhabitants and their simple way of life while also enjoy the scenic landscape. Locals here are mostly dependent on salt, beetle leaf, shrimp cultivation and dried fish.
Some Buddhist and Hindu Temples are the stunning attractions in the island. The years-old Adinath Temple is one of the famous Hindu sacred places in the subcontinent situated on the top of the Adinath Hill. This place is also popular for an annual fair held during the Bangla month of Phalgun.
























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