Essential facebook etiquette

by Arafat Noman

‘The age of internet is a bizarre one; here the teenager acts like a 30-year old and the 30-year old pretends to be a teenager with over-flooded melodrama’. 

facebookCannabis, marijuana, cocaine or other addictive drugs have got their new competitor in the town which can precisely be tagged as ‘blue Yaba’. Traditional tablets of Yaba are made of methamphetamine whereas this ‘blue yaba’ is made up of public emotion. Yes, it is Facebook that we are talking about. We can skip a meal; we can miss an hour at office; but scrolling and strolling down the Facebook lane can never be missed. This is a space where disembodied interaction allows you to construct an image of yours. Though virtual, this non-physical entity of yours will let others know your social acceptance, height of common sense and multiplicity of idiosyncrasies. This cyberspace is very different yet quite complex because of its uber sensitivity and scope for instant feedback. Keeping that in mind the time has come to maintain a limited standard of behaviour in this unharnessed way of private-turned-public life. This set of standards is known as netiquette. This is a set of behaviour followed by a sentient user. These are no hard and fast rules and violation of these will not bring any penalty but as a blessed user one should not take any risk of being belittled in front of others.

Chain reaction of statuses
You have to remember that Facebook is not your world and it is not a sin to post every scene of your life in Facebook. The overabundance of your statuses 24/7 curtails your acceptance among the other users. Posting chain statuses within hours or two only shows your vulnerable corner of the mind where you are acting like desperate teenagers to get attention. Think who you are going to show your state of mind. A very personal status is not for the ‘public’ nor is it for all friends.

Being narcissistic with your profile photos
Facebook accelerates narcissism. Admit it! You actually derive pleasure from ‘likes’ and ‘loves’. But that is a lesser problem compared to the one where a user is hysterically tagging others in a single profile photo. The other day, I came across a photo post where a girl has enthusiastically posted about her engagement saying “Engaged to ***** and 23 others!!” This is gross! You can simply put a ‘photo credit’ and tag the photographer’s name. You actually do not need to make a community of tagged friends out of an individual photo.

Stalk without making a sound/‘like’
Yes, it can be understood that you cannot help stalking your crush but please spare his/her birth event! You can also convince him/her without pressing ‘likes’ to every picture she had posted since years! Act mature and gentle.

Keep your conjugal life in your bed room
Yes, we get that your conjugal life beats honey in its sweetness. Remember, your inundated expression of ‘happiness’ can make others feel guilty of their business in life. People do have personal life and joyfulness and so they are not meant for Facebook always. Happiness increases when shared and happiness loses its essence when over-shared.

Food is to quench your hunger not to satisfy the ‘homepage’
The rule here is simple: Eat rather than posting it! People actually do not wait for your food review (or show-off) unless it is in a particular group for food-lovers.

S/he is online, but not for YOU
You should not knock anyone in Facebook if it crosses 10:00pm. Even if you have to knock and it is an emergency, do ask permission. In case of close buddies, the rule is a bit lenient. Knocking someone lesser known in Facebook at odd hours (you better know what are odd hours!) only reflects your lack of common sense.

Know the spams
DO NOT click on those alluring links that tend to give you a luscious belle or a billion dollars! Resist being gluttonous! It is good for you, good for the nation.

Do not be nosy
People can put statuses keeping an essence of secrecy or can post photos with a person of opposite gender. That does not give you the legitimacy to poke him/her, inbox or discuss about him/her with others even if you are dying out of curiousity.

No, Facebook is not a playground
Simple rule: Play safe(!) and DON’T invite! Thank You!
Last but not the least, heroism lies where you learn how to deal with your own frustrations and negativity. You don’t always have to open a spool of melancholia in front of others. Facebook tends to erase the thin line of ‘public’ and ‘private’. It is you, who should demarcate that boundary.

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