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‘X-men: Age of Apocalypse’ was released recently. Most movie-goers and comic book fans have criticised the movie as the ‘worst X-men movie ever’.
New Age Xtra had asked readers about their opinions after watching the movie.

re01Nadeem Mohammad
I can guarantee that this is far better than ‘Avengers : Age of Ultron’. Secondly I noticed that nowadays people keep criticising any comic-book movie unless it’s a Marvel movie.




re02Tani Nawaz
I loved X-Men: Apocalypse. I found very little fault with it, and every time that I’ve watched it at Star Cineplex, the crowd around me has broken out into laughter at all of the jokes and gone absolutely quiet during the serious or dramatic moments.
The plot of the movie, in my opinion, was logical and followed a proper film script format…most of the actor’s performed well…My only dissatisfaction throughout the movie was with Nicholas Hoult’s performance as Beast and the performance of the young actress Alexandra Shipp as Storm. While both were not guilty of lazy acting, they did not pull all of their dialogues off convincingly and did not, in my opinion, feel true to the original characters…
All in all, the movie was entertaining, gripping and I do not have any regrets about paying for multiple viewings.

Yamen M. Hoque
This was the weakest X-men movie to be directed by Bryan Singer. After the masterpiece that was ‘Days of Future Past’ (DOFP), this was quite the disappointment for me. A lot had to do with the fact that Apocalypse (the character) was so underwhelming, it’s not even funny.

re03Faizul Mesbha Imam
X-men: Apocalypse was awesome! It was like a junction in the x-men movie franchise… The reason I call this movie like a junction is because the writers have thrived their best to connect it with all the other movies in the series…
Then, it’s actually astounding to see how many origin stories they have shown in a single movie, for example; Scott Summers (AKA Cyclops), Jean Grey, Kurt Wagner (AKA Nightcrawler), etc.
They have also tied some loose ends left by older movies…
I think the reason why people are calling this movie bad is because of mainly 2 reasons: maybe the viewer didn’t understand the whole movie, or the person looked too deeply.
While the reason for the first group is pretty straight-forward, the people in the second group most likely did not like the loose ends left by the movie…

re04Tanjim Islam
X-Men: Apocalypse was fun to watch at cineplex because it was 3D. But the plot was nothing special…But I’ve to mention one very positive thing about this movie: the Quicksilver scene! This one even surpassed the DOFP one! Quicksilver rescuing all those people was absolutely brilliant! Best special effects scene I’ve ever seen!

re05Zahid Hossain Emon
The only fault I found in X-Men: Apocalypse was Apocalypse. The character was a disappointment. The filmmakers were not able to beat the bar, they had raised in DOFP…The rest of the cast except for re06Apocalypse and Archangel was good. Also, I loved that they paid homage to all the previous movies of the franchise.

re07Tonmoy Bashar
The story was flat, no real twists & turns to take you to the edge of your seat. You could almost predict what is going to happen before all the critical moments of the movie.
The visual effects in the fight scenes were pretty good. The movie can earn a rating of highest 6/10; due to the action sequences and VFX.

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