E3 2016

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 was held in the USA last week. The exposition showcased many new gaming items and gaming titles for various platforms.
New Age Xtra had asked its readers which reveal at the E3 are they most excited about.

re1Shahir Ahmed

Everyone emphasized on Virtual Reality (VR). It’s probably the way of the future and ‘Watchdogs 2’ is the game I am excited about. The premise of the game is very relevant in today’s world especially the hacking and the lack of privacy part.


re2Tanzim Bin Tobarrak

I would have to say Project Scorpio (Xbox One 3.0) to be released in 2017. It has been hyped as the most powerful video game console by Microsoft with considerable raw power. Developers supporting the console, especially with emphasis on VR and 4k gaming at smooth frame rates, seems to suggest exciting times are ahead for gamers. I would really like to see how we leap toward the next generation of gaming.
re3Sadiq Walid

I am looking forward to ‘Battlefield 1’. While every other shooter in the market are delving into futuristic settings, EA DICE takes a bold move to dig battlefield back to the trenches. The first world war holds the potential for epic storytelling and action. Powered by frostbite engine, the game looks sleek on all platforms. Dynamic weather and destruction will bring game altering situations. Biplanes and tanks return along with heavy emphasis on melee actions. After a disappointing ‘Battlefield: Hardline’, ‘Battlefield 1’ seems like an endeavour in the right direction. Apparently some developers are listening to the fans.

re4Sajed Shahadat Hussain

I am waiting to play FIFA 17, a football game scheduled to be released in September this year. This will be the first FIFA game in the series to use the Frostbite game engine.
EA Sports announced at E3 2016 that they will have all 20 Premier League managers’ likenesses in the game (face scan, etc.), which is something new for this genre. The game will also feature a new single player story campaign mode titled ‘The Journey’ where players assume the role of Alex Hunter, a young footballer trying to make his mark in the Premier League. The player will be able to select one of 20 Premier League clubs to play for at the beginning of the season. The story mode also features a dialogue wheel. This is completely new by EA Sports though a similar story mode is present in ‘PES’ known as ‘Become a Legend’.

re5Chowdhury Asifuzzaman

As I am a PlayStation person, I am really excited about the games that will come out on PS4. Although the event revealed a new Slimmer and 4K supported Xbox, it did not interest me.
I am a big ‘Metal Gear Solid’ fan and more so about Hideo Kojima, the creator of the MGS series. But last year it broke my heart when it was announced that Kojima would no longer be a part of the future MGS titles. But on this year’s E3 when he made his entrance and showed a glimpse of the new PS4 exclusive game that he created called ‘Death Stranding’, it put a huge smile on my face and I am super excited for it. Along with ‘Death Stranding’, I am also eagerly waiting to play the new FIFA 17. EA seems to have put in a lot of effort in the gameplay and graphics and more so as it is now in associated with Frostbite. The new Spider-Man also looks promising. So in short Death Stranding, FIFA 17 and Spider-Man are the games that I am looking forward to.

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