Migrant crisis in the sea: What can be a probable solution?

This week, New Age Xtra asked the readers about probable solutions to the migrant crisis that presently spans a number of countries in Asia.

Readers also commented on current affairs and articles, published in the last issue.


013Haris Chowdhury
May 21

The people stranded at sea need food and water to survive. We have read that people on the boats are fighting for food, some of them dying in the process…No country wants to help them as they may become a burden to them. This is not the way. The Asian countries need to help these people by taking necessary steps to stop this type of migration through sea routes. These countries can raise awareness about the pitfalls of such form of illegal migration. Governments and NGOs of various countries can work together to train these migrants and give them jobs in their home countries. Once they are skilled, the governments can send them to foreign countries through legal channels.


0014Aurchita Baroi
May 21

I support providing temporary shelter to the Rohingya, but this cannot happen in the future. Those who are now trapped in the sea should be rescued and rehabilitated.



0015Khandakar Joyef
May 20

My recommendations to the problem for Bangladeshi migrants seeking to migrate to Malaysia through sea route:
1. Create awareness among these people that they cannot travel overseas illegally
2. Train them for various sectors through district office
3. Engaging them in community work through local NGO’s
For the Rohingya, the issue has a lot to do with national policies in terms of accommodation while the rest remains a part of international politics.


0017Juhair Adri

May 21

I am 18. I have been watching for last few days that many Bangladeshis from my age group to even children and the very old are passing terrible days stranded in the seas with no shelter or food. I am so embarrassed that my government has acted at the very last stage to help these people.
Besides, I am feeling sorry for the Rohingya, considering their misfortune and uncertain future as they cannot even return to their own country. Until or unless, the respective governments of the countries involved act to solve the issue, this problem will continue.


0016Cosmic sex and our search for inner truth

Mushfiqul Haque Mukit
May 15

Hilarious item by Towheed Feroze… [His] writing on such topics is a good sign!




0018Loss of lives through violent student politics
Adiba Fannana
May 15

Abu Sadat Khaled Mosharraf was the president of Bangladesh Chhatra League, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University (MBSTU). He was one of my beloved juniors, full of spirit, very patriotic, with morals and values. He was also a brilliant student. His father was a freedom fighter and a hugely inspirational figure for him.
But Mosharraf was seriously injured in a clash between two rival groups of students on the university campus on May 13. He succumbed to his injuries on the way to the hospital thus becoming the latest casualty in the list of people who died due to on-campus violence through student politics..
After losing Mosharraf, we have realised that this kind of student politics is alike gambling where the main gamblers, out of public sight, are playing Russian roulette with the lives of students.

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