Wasted potential

In the wake of the attack at Holey Artisan Bakery, photos of the five terrorists have been released by the police. Various media have unearthed that these were young men from the upper crust of the society and with formidable academic backgrounds.
New Age Xtra had asked readers why they feel that these young men and women are inclining towards extremism and what may be the root causes behind these.

re1Nomany Pervez

My perception is that the main reason behind such extremism is that lack of true knowledge about the religion among the extremists.




re2Badhan Tarafder

I think they (young men & women) are not doing this extremism intentionally. They are forced, emotionally blackmailed or trapped by a group who are trying to create unstable situation across the world. They target these people as they know energetic people are necessary to make their terror missions a success. If we look at the root, we will see that these groups were established by another strong force, who claim themselves to be the so-called ‘good guys’.

re3Sagor Miazi

Interestingly, there seems to be little link between the members. The five terrorists included three from English medium background and two from madrasa-based. So, now it’s very difficult to believe anyone in our society. We need to eradicate this problem as soon as possible.


re4Jannatul Ferdous Jui

I think these young people are not getting proper education both from the academic institutions and families. Of course, now social and moral values are missing in our society. Most of us do not have the proper knowledge of religion also. We only have fear of our religion, but no love.
Members of families need to be more careful about their children. Academic institutions also need to play an important role.

re5Aarif A Hossain

The young people are being recruited as they are talented, energetic, intelligent and technologically-savvy. The terror group who recruited them misguided them. Our society needs to be more observant about the young people and cater to their right and needs.



re6Kabir Feroz

I think frustration among the young people is one of the main causes behind them joining extremist organisations like IS and so on. Various types of failure in individual life and anger toward the West fuel this frustration. When they give up hope of survival after prolonged frustration, they become easy picking for extremist groups who offer them the wrong message from religion while guaranteeing them a contented life in heaven after dying in the way of jihad.

re7Raphy Islam

Maybe it all starts from the feeling that something, anything needs to be done and people start going down the wrong way. Also the misrepresentation of religion, false analysis, text taken out of context and above all, the absence of the moral compass lead towards violent extremism. As a youngster, I can say a big chunk of us may feel inept in a lot of social/political situation, we feel disenfranchised and at the end of the day we just need our voices to be heard. When the regular ways can’t fulfill us that is when it all starts moving downhill. In the wake of the development in communication, we have access to everything, good and bad. But if we can’t differentiate between wrong and right after more than 15 years of formal education, I think, we fail as learners. And humanity is defeated along the way.

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