Deadly roads

At least 200 people have died through various accidents during the Eid vacation in Bangladesh.
New Age Xtra had asked readers why these accidents are still occurring despite the number of road improvements and other measures taken.

re1 Rifat Ahmad

Rapid urbanisation and motorisation are the problems. The number of roads is not increasing. Also, the existing number of roads is not being widened despite an increasing number of vehicles in the country every year. According to a World Bank report made in 2012, only 40 per cent of our main roads are in good condition. Even though improvements and developments have been made since then, still most of these roads are unusable. There is also the fact that some of the roads are still under construction. Reckless Driving is another point that needs to be addressed. With the busy schedule and not having sufficient amount of licensed and skilled drivers, this recklessness is turning out to be a serious problem… There is not enough signals for hazardous locations, nor are all the highways wide enough. Due to all these, the Eid-rush is the perfect time for accidents to occur!


We need to focus on the reason behind the accidents. Every year, thousands of people travel from all over the country. Over and above there is a huge pressure on the vehicle authority. In addition, we witness the competitive behavior among the bus drivers during the Eid vacation. Some roads have been improved. Overall, we, who travel during Eid, need to be more careful and cautious. There are some steps that the government can undertake like increasing street surveillance, increasing awareness among people, repairing the roads, providing license to proper drivers etc.



re3Mahmud Munna

It’s pathetic to see such accidents during Eid vacation when most people try to be with their loved ones. The great number of vehicles going toward the rural areas, clog up the highways. This makes the drivers more desperate to reach their destinations. The government is trying their best to give us safe roads. But I believe the lack of proper awareness is the reason behind these accidents. The general public especially drivers need to be more careful when on the road. Overall better public awareness and stringent monitoring of the roads can ensure safer roads.

re4Ashibur Rahman Piash Sarkar

During Eid festival, the country is in need of vehicles four times greater than during normal times. This forces the government to impose a ban on trucks during this time. As a result, aside from usual bus services, Dhaka’s local buses start carrying passengers in long routes. Skilled and non-skilled drivers drive buses on the highways. Most of these drivers become tired leading to accidents. I think excessive number of passenger, vehicles and poor performance of unskilled drivers are behind these accidents.

re5Al Hassan Rakib

I think the main fact is the inadequate attention toward integration of road functions with decisions about speed limits, road layout and design. Also, the roads are not accident-proof and drivers of vehicles do not have proper eye sights either.



re6Mehedi Hasan Ratul

Road accidents are tragic especially during the Eid vacation. The accidents during Eid vacation occur due to the rush of people and vehicles to reach their destination. The traffic police department has a crucial role to play in bringing to book careless drivers and overloaded vehicles. As citizens, we should look for drivers with genuine licenses, who have proper training and drive responsibly…

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