Foreign invasion?

Over the last two to three years, Bangladesh has been seeing an increasing number of film projects where Indian Bengali movie artistes and crews are involved.
New Age Xtra had asked readers about their opinion about these joint-collaboration movies and whether the popularity of Kolkata artistes in Bangladeshi movies can threaten the careers of similar artistes in the FDC.


Jahurul Islam

Jahurul-IslamAt first I want to say that artistes from Kolkata are not the threat to Bangladeshi cinema. But the threat is from Indian Bangla movies which may be released in our cinema halls. The Indian Bengali movie industry is technically more enriched than our film industry. So, our industry cannot compete with theirs. Due to Indo-Bangla joint projects, the demand of Kolkata artistes are increasing in Bangladeshi movies. Tallywood does not give the name of Bangladeshi directors in their movies, but Bangladeshi cinemas do this. The authorities need to determine a level field between the two industries so that one does not exploit the other.



Mrittika Shashwati Aurony

Mrittika-Shashwati-AuronyWell, mini-skirts and short pants entered FDC through some Tallywood actress once. And we are still suffering. So if we can filter some bad things, maybe the joint collaboration will be a good thing for us.





Shahid-ShakilShahid Shakil

The condition of our & Indian Bangla film industry are not equal. They have audience who regularly go to their cinema halls and there are plenty of halls as well. Theirs’ is a profitable industry. On the other hand, we have a dwindling number of cinema halls which hardly become ‘house full’. Also, there is a declining audience for this media. I think joint production is positive for us as our artistes can participate & perform well. But we have to ensure that there is equality between the two sides.



Fakhruddin-MehediFakhruddin Mehedi

It’s true that India has been eying our market for a long time. We all know that they have already imposed a strong cultural imperialism in Bangladesh through their television media. Now it seems like they want to take control over our film market. It is clear that their recent art and commercial films are getting popular in Bangladesh as we have no capacity to make a standard movie like them. So, in terms of market potential, of course they will try to capture this. It’s high time for our youth to take hold of our film sector because they are creative and enthusiastic

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