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Rakibul Azam Rana learns about the contemporary issues and technologies influencing our environment after visiting the 21st Environment Fair

is1The crowd at the ‘21st Environment Fair 2016’, held at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre from July 31 till August 4, seemed genuinely interested in the technology and exhibits being showcased by 63 entities in nearly 100 stalls.
Each stall had a different theme that they were adhering to. For example, the department of environmental science of Stamford University Bangladesh, representing the only private university in the fair, was promoting ‘Zero tolerance for illegal wildlife trade’.
To raise awareness about their cause, the stall had paper replicas and pictures of some rare migratory like the Bengal Florican, Oriental Darter, Black Bellied Tern, Grey Headed Fish Eagle, Pink Headed Duck, Mangrove Pitta, Marsh is2Babbler, Manipura Bush Quail, Indian Skimmer and more.
While standing by the stall, visitor Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman shares with New age Xtra that he has been a regular at the environment for past two years as ‘the fair always teaches me about environment’. He also gets to learn about some affordable environment-friendly technology. He shares that last year he bought the solar home system from the fair.
Other stalls showcased on themes including ETP technology, paper-made cups and plates, gyro discharge, green building, brick field technology, recycling, climate change concerns, biodiversity, animal safety, environment protective fuel, green economy, waste management, sound pollution technology, carbon trading, sustainable transportation etc..
is3Mizan Chowdhury, a retired government employee and resident of Bashundhara residential area, tells New Age Xtra, ‘I have roamed the whole fair already. I am blown away by the environment-friendly bricks and paper cups and plates,’ he says.
One of the most popular stalls was the one featuring Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Amjad Hossain, senior officer of Thermax Group, says, ‘Recycling technology is our main objective by reducing raw materials and reuse facilities as well as to reduce pollution and cost. The waste water from factories, if dumped untreated into the rivers can affect human lives and pollute environment.’
is4The WTP can be a solution to this process. ‘We purify waste water by using CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant) processes,’ he adds while mentioning that the dyeing and ready-made garment factories can use this process.
The environment fair has been organised since 1996 by the environment department to promote awareness about environment-friendly technology and leading causes. The fair has become more popular over the past five years, inform environment department officials.=

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