Pushed to the brink?

Plenty of restaurants and other businesses are being evicted or torn down in Uttara, Banani, Gulshan and Dhanmondi by the authorities.
The eviction is lawful. But in the process, most of these businesses may never be able to open up in their current locations or otherwise.
New Age Xtra had asked readers about their opinion on whether those restaurants being evicted should be given a chance and what can be the probable methods.

re1Muhammad Hasan Rafi Rangan

Some spoiled brats come and slaughtered people in a restaurant. This has affected the eateries. Then the government began demolishing the small and medium sized entreprenuers establishments. The terrorists had entered a diplomatic zone which is supposed to be the most secure area. Accessing that area is very complicated for people like me. Whatever happened on July 1st indicates the lack of capability of our law enforcing officials and it has nothing to do with the businesses located in these areas.
Yes, the government has full authority to take any decision overnight to ensure public security… Yes, we all know that it is illegal to do business in residential areas and recently the Court has ordered the businesses to shift to other areas. But that doesn’t mean that these organisations be shut down. A lot has been invested into each of these eateries and thousands of households are connected to these. The families of displaced employees should get compensations from the government…I would like to ask the government to please think about the families involved with the restaurants being torn down in these areas.

re2Tanvir Kowshik

The businesses should be allowed and given time to move to other locations. I do not support the forceful evictions or these businesses being torn down by the authorities.



re3Mamun Hossain

Winding up of restaurants will not prove to be a good decision. As a business student, I think shutting down these restaurants will severely hamper the owners of restaurants as well as our economy which is related to our annual GDP growth.
Instead of shutting them down, the restaurant owners can be encouraged to take the following measures –
introduce trained and armed security guards at the eateries
ensure emergency call system with RAB, police and other law enforcing agencies
maintain database for visitors.
ensure secured hall, only for foreigners.

re4Pias Basu

The government has the full authority to take any decision against terrorism. But such restaurants are not involved in terrorism. The government and the entrepreneurs involved with these restaurants should come to a mutual agreement about what step can be taken. It is illegal to run a business in a residential area and recently the Court has ordered that these businesses be shifted from these areas. But that does not mean that these restaurants should be shut down.

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