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The latest instalment from DC Universe is ‘Suicide Squad’ which was released in Bangladesh. Unlike most Marvel Studio superhero movies, this is getting negative reviews.
New Age Xtra had asked readers who watched the movie whether they agree with the critics.


Alaul-Haque-SouravAlaul Haque Sourav

This movie could have been a huge plus point for DCEU. But they did not learn anything from their mistakes in BvS. There were plenty of cut scenes which could be identified especially those of the Joker. The movie is good, simple story, fast-paced, action packed, awesome background music, lots of humour. There were great cameos. Harley Quinn was the queen, Deadshot was great. Joker was not able to leave an impression on me. Other characters were nicely portrayed. I would give it a soft 7.5/10.



Raian-AbedinRaian Abedin

This movie is disjointed, messy and not funny at most times and really made no sense at all. It had more potential than BvS, and the trailers seemed so fantastic. But in the end that is all the movie was; cool sequences that did not last, some dialogues and some really banal characters and some really bad pacing. The first half was the biggest disappointment to me, the setup was poor and the flashbacks were dull in most cases. There were also some characters I kept forgetting were part of the movie. Overall, this movie met almost none of my expectations; not even close. But it can still be entertaining, if you forget that you have a brain. Some characters are quite entertaining and i’d like to see them in a better movie.
Unlike most Marvel Studio superhero movies, this is getting negative reviews because it deserves it.


Shams-Muhammed-SamiShams Muhammed Sami

After ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’’s backlashes, fans of DCEU(DC Extended Universe) had high hopes for ‘Suicide Squad’. But they were mostly disappointed. This movie had potential down to its core to shine brightest among all the others out there. But just like its predecessor it was wasted. But hey, DCEU does not end here.



Er'Fun-NahianEr’Fun Nahian

I found ‘Suicide Squad’ lacking scenes required for character development. I do not know whether it is the editing or cinematography or the director himself that can be blamed. The iconic character Joker did not deliver madness that it required. Except Harley Quinn and Deadshot, all the characters seemed out of place.


Swapan-SordarSocial media sensation 

Swapan Sordar

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