Better security?

Authorities have introduced new rickshaw and bus services to ensure security inside the diplomatic zone of Gulshan and Banani. Earlier on, similar services were initiated in residential areas of Bashundhara and others.
New Age Xtra had asked readers if they think such measures would be efficient at ensuring security. Also, if they had face any problems in accessing these areas after these steps were taken.


Zahirul-Islam-PolashZahirul Islam Polash

I think these initiatives will not add much. When some places have restricted number of rickshaws, it will be a problem for people coming from other parts with different rickshaws. If they are not allowed to enter the area with different transports, the problem will increase with the rickshaw pullers’ livelihoods being at stake. I guess only the poor will suffer due to such restrictions. In addition, this will create opportunity for some opportunists for extortion. I think the transportation of the area should remain as it is. If the authorities concerned and law enforcers are more aware, then normal situation can prevail. It is expected that they will be working efficiently and with transparency.


Amir-FdAmir Fd

I do not think that the actions that have been taken to increase security will work out. My points are firstly, who said that terrorists are only the poor people or middle class? They can bring a BMW car to ruin your day. Secondly, because of these systems, there are not enough vehicle in those areas. Therefore it is wasting our time and creating trouble for the people who are in need or say patients who require immediate medical support. Thirdly, those vehicles are taking excess fare while taking advantage of the situation.


Ayesha-Binte-TowhidAyesha Binte Towhid

I think it is a good idea to bring the transportation system of an area under a system. But the plan in the diplomatic zone seems to be done in a hurry without proper understanding of the ground realities. The number of buses are inadequate in comparison to high number of commuters. The service is poor in comparison to the fare. People are dissatisfied already, so the authority needs to give immediate attention to fix the problems for this initiative to sustain. Additionally, this presumption that anyone who may be a threat to the security of this zone will be travelling in a public transport is incorrect. The law enforcement agencies need to come up with a comprehensive action plan instead of taking loosely coordinated ineffective initiatives.


Tasaffy-HossainTasaffy Hossain

This does not ensure any security at all. Is it that we think that anyone who plans to carry out any form of attack will come riding through a check post to be caught! There are ways to bypass everything, and anyone who wants to, will bypass them. These measures only affect and make life difficult for the commoners. It’s absurd!


Ibrahim-Khan-AzimIbrahim Khan Azim

I don’t think authorities have taken the decision after considering the reality. Mostly middle class people will suffer for this. I think it will not increase the security of these areas at all because terrorist will not come by bus only or rickshaw, they can use other vehicles as well.


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