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Bashundhara city has faced two incidents of fire breaking out in the bustling mall over the past eight years. The first incident saw the tragic deaths of seven people and 20 people were injured. The incident on August 21 did not see any deaths fortunately.
In the wake of the latest incident, New Age Xtra asked readers if they felt that the shopping malls of our country have adequate disaster management equipment or in what ways could the situation improve if they thought there were inadequate measures.

re1Mithun Paul

I do not think that the shopping malls bear all responsibilities. The rescue equipment for our fire service is inadequate in comparison to other countries. In addition, the management of shopping malls should be more conscious about short circuit incidents and other hazardous situations.


re2Shahrear Mostofa Romeo

If we want to improve these situations, both our shopping complex authorities and the fire service department need to have proper instructions, resources, equipment and training to tackle such issues. But it is unfortunate that a few days everyone will forget this and ultimately there will be no improvements. We need various gears like EMS supervisor or conventional fire apparatus, turntable ladders, tiller trucks, aerial platforms, heavy rescue vehicles, medic or rescue ambulances, tankers, improved bunker gear and even some advance tactical or rapid response teams to help and minimise the damage and save lives.

re3Ashibur Rahman Piash Sarkar

When a market catches fire, it creates a panic. No one thinks about stopping the fire. We have to develop our mentality and also develop our sense. I think Basundhara city had the right equipment but they could not use them properly… I want to request the concerned authority to seriously evaluate the crisis and take necessary actions.


re4Bulbul Hasan

I do not think they do because we have seen two incidents of fire only at Bashundhara city over the past eight years. This is one of the largest shopping malls in Dhaka where more than 5,000 people work and even more visit on a daily basis. But I do not think that anyone working there knows how to operate the fire dousing equipment. On the other hand, I also think that they do not have ample equipment that can cover the entire shopping mall… I think we need more equipment and training to use them so as to curb the number of future incidents.

re5Nazmul Ahasan

We boast of having bustling malls and other infrastructures. Some of us even go as far as to suggest that these are the signs of our progress in terms of development. They like to compare our high rise buildings with developed countries’. But they forget to mention whether their basic safety protocols are also compatible with the modern world. Maybe, safety measures don’t mean anything to them.

re6Mahmudul Nafees

Our infrastructure management is still poor. The malls are becoming luxurious but the number of equipment required to properly cover all of these, in case of fire or other disasters, is inadequate… Basic safety protocols need to be maintained the same way this is done in the developed countries of the world.

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