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Given the success of our women’s football team and the cricket team earlier, New Age Xtra had asked readers whether they feel that the government should encourage and promote all kinds of sports for women athletes in Bangladesh.
Ayesha-Binte-TowhidAyesha Binte Towhid

The recent success stories of our girl’s football team has brought the topic of women’s participation in sports to the limelight. But what we need to understand is that this discussion is not new, it has been going on for years. Initiatives have been taken in many government schools. Tournaments have been arranged in district level to promote women’s participation in sports. Despite the opportunity, large number of girls are reluctant to participate in such activities. There are several societal factors creating obstacles in their way. I think these need to be addressed holistically. Initiatives need to be taken to break the gender stereotype and introduce girls to sport activities from an early age. Parents and teachers should encourage their girls. The media needs to play a big role in changing the mindset of the people.

Sidratul Moontaha MitulSidratul-Moontaha-Mitul

Yes, of course the government should promote all kinds of sports for women. But that is not enough. Unless the social perspectives change and the society becomes more supportive of female athletes in our country, things will remain the same. Change needs to be brought into the minds of family members. What the government can do is increase the facilities given to female athletes. If we compare the training facilities given to the men’s and women’s team, the issue becomes clear. Furthermore, the government and media has to work hand in hand so that the female athletes are promoted as much as the males. Also, we need to change our attitude about taking sports as a profession. Even though many families allow women to take part in sports, most of these families don’t allow women to take sports as a serious profession. This happens in case of males too but it’s more prominent in case of female athletes. The government should take steps to provide proper remuneration to athletes so they can feel motivated to take part in sports.

Shamsad-MortuzaShamsad Mortuza

The girls from the Kalsindur School should be immediately given admission to BKSP. These girls need proper diet, nurturing and fitness training.

Benazir Elahee MunniBenazir-Elahee-Munni

Bangladeshi women have continued to bring glory to our nation in cricket, football, volleyball, shooting, kabaadi, taekwondo, karate and other sports in recent times despite our limited resources. It is time we truly cared for the female athletes who wish nothing but to contribute to their country with their gift and sportsmanship. I know as a nation we have a lot of things to consider before investing into a field; it is easier said than done. At the same time I also think that a big portion of our dilemma will be over if we see these hard-working people not as girls but as prodigies and athletes who have the potential to be true assets to our country.
I fervently hope that we would all focus on the bigger picture here and not let obstacles distract us in the way of achieving true excellence in sports.

Zahan-PritomZahan Pritom

Female athletes are important advances for gender equality. Gender should not be a limiting factor for participation in sport and other forms. The government should take steps to encourage more women and girls toward sport and recreation.

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