Rivers of blood?

Heavy rainfall, along with the sacrifice of thousands of animals across Dhaka, led to waterlogging, containing blood and other waste products, on the city’s roads.
New Age Xtra had asked its readers whether they faced water-logging in their areas and how the situation was resolved.

re1Topu Ahmed

Due to poor drainage system, some areas of the capital faced water-logging. But in Ibrahimpur, we did not face any kind of water-logging. The streets were clean and safe. And the City Corporation did a great job to keep the roads clean.

re2Noor E Protik

It was raining all morning but we have managed to catch the Eid prayers. The only problem was that we were soaked as there were no proper shelters and we were all in a hurry for the qurbani. It was very difficult for us to do anything but thank God that we have managed everything perfectly even in that kind of weather. The most important thing is that the roads were not clogged. The only problem was the odour from the animal waste. City corporation officials helped clean the streets after everything was completed.

re3Raphy Islam

Since early morning, there was heavy rain and all the necessary works were being hauled. It was a lot messy than usual. It took more effort to go about the business, but fortunately enough the water was not logged around the roads where we do all the usual works for animal sacrifice. The rain helped to some extent in washing away the blood and other waste. But a lot of people just left it along the dustbins and by the road side. This was a great mistake as the cleanliness of the area took a while. It was nothing out of bounds as the water logging is natural after the heavy rainfall, which itself should not be natural. The reddish images available online made it newsworthy…

re4Anindya Das

In spite of the heavy rainfall, there was no water logging in the area where I reside (Zigatola).People did face problems while sacrificing cattle due to the downpour. Inhabitants of the area sacrificed the livestock in the designated spots set up by the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC). The cleaning process was fast though it started late. People were informed earlier by the local councillor to use the selected spots for sacrificing livestock.

re5Tarek Mahmud Shumon

It was a rainy morning! But rain could not fade away the colour of Eid Ul Azha…But in our area, we have very good drainage system and that is why we did not have to face the water logging situation.
Also, the new mayor’s efforts need to be lauded as he took all initiatives very quickly to clean Dhaka.

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