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On the occasion of  World Tourism Day during this week, New Age Xtra had asked its readers which tourist spot they think can be the next big destination after Cox’s Bazar and Bandarban that the government needs to develop.


Gazi-AnisurGazi Anisur

This should be the Sundarban. There are still many people who are not informed about the real beauty of Sundarban. I think it can be a great place for adventurous tourists… Most tourists, from home and abroad, are allured by the evergreen forest. But the problem is with pirates and robbers, which threatens the security of tourists. If the safety factor is ensured then Sundarban can be the best tourist spot for Bangladesh.



Smo-NawedSmo Nawed

It should be Sundarban, the mighty mangrove forest where I could never plan to travel with my family. The super progress on road and infrastructure development by our current government makes me hopeful to reach the ‘Kingdom of Royal Bengal Tigers’ within six hours from 2019 when the Padma Bridge will hopefully be open. A day will come when Dublar Char will charm the wildlife photographers of the world with easier reach. Hopefully we can save the Bangladeshi side of Sundarbans.



Ananya-ZamanAnanya Zaman

It has to be Kuakata. It’s a land full of opportunity. Sea beaches are hard to come by and Bangladesh is lucky to have quite a few. Kuakata has every prospect to attract tourists throughout the world. It has spaces to accommodate world class resorts. It just needs proper planning and investments.



Syed-Nakib-SadiSyed Nakib Sadi

I feel that Tanguar Haor can be the next big destination for tourists from all over the world to Bangladesh. The breathtaking beauty of the sunset and the sunrise in Tanguar can be a memory for a lifetime. The rich biodiversity of Tanguar Haor is quite an experience for any nature lover. One can not simply miss the tranquillity and vastness of the Tanguar Haor basin. The poor communication system that exists from Sunamganj to Tahirpur is the primary impediment barring tourists from visiting this wonder. Government should really focus on the infrastructural development of this region.



Navila-Al-MonaNavila Al Mona

The beauty of the hilly areas of Bandarban and Nilgiri is yet to be discovered in its full form. Nature has offered us so much but nothing can be compared with the beauty that is intact in Bandarban and Nilgiri hilly area. A certain kind of peace can be found there when you stand at the same level where clouds touch your feet. If proper security and other measures are taken, this will definitely be the next big tourist attraction of Bangladesh.



Farhan-Mahmud-AkashFarhan Mahmud Akash

I think Ratargul Swamp Forest located in Gowainghat, Sylhet can be developed more by the government to turn it into the next big tourist destination. Currently the transportation system there is not adequate to attract new tourists. This can be easily improved by the government, by setting up proper transportation plans & guided tours to this fresh water swamp.



Tanvir-FahimTanvir Fahim

From my point of view, I think Kuakata could be the next destination for the tourists. Because this place has much more to discover and further more it has natural beauties which will definitely be cherished by any tourist. I have visited the place few days earlier. I stayed there for three days but cannot forget the moments I have spent there. The government should note that the transportation problem is a major issue there. In addition there are difficulties in accommodation, security and other aspects.

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