The Kids Aren’t Alright

Around the second week of this month, the murder of teenager Adnan Kabir in Uttara following gang violence made headlines. We asked our readers how did they think such violence can be curbed in Bangladesh?

Asifur Rahman Khan 

Asifur Rahman Khan

By having more playgrounds for kids to play instead of always spending money to find peace within four walls.

Muhammad A. Bashed Muhammad A. Bashed

First, we’ve got to find an answer to the question that why the teenagers in our country are forming such gangs? Mainly they form such gangs to gain power, create backup, practice control and supremacy over others and prove themselves manly and superior. Then, we’ve to find answers to all of these questions- why do they need to gain power? Why do they need to collect backup for their safety? why they need to practice supremacy and control? Why do they need to make themselves better than others by forming gangs? What are the reasons? What are the factors? Where we are failing? Which part of our system has holes and needs fixing? We’ve got to find correct answers to all these questions and only after amending all the flaws found out by those answers, we can think of curbing such violence in Bangladesh.

Saeed Sohaib Saeed Sohaib

If I have to say directly I would mention the role or responsibility of parents and their teachers. During the age of teen, teenagers should be kept under continuous monitoring and caretaking in flexible way. Except school time, the rest of the whole day parents have to monitor what they are doing alongside education, where they are going, who are giving company to. Parents must be careful about their children’s friends with whom they spend their leisure time. The most important responsibility of parents is to be friendly and frank with their children. Parents must know about and be aware of children’s habits and demands. Most importantly parents must give adequate time to children with love. Similarly, when children are in school during school time, teachers should take responsibility of children as parents do. Teachers must know and monitor whether children are attending school regularly or not, what they do in school, are they attentive in their education etc. If teachers see anything wrong, they must let parents know about the problem and try to solve it. In a word, parents and teachers must be like friends to the teenagers and know about everything about them and act with adequate time and love.

Shariful Alam

I am a father and although my son is an infant I am worried about him. When I was a child my parents played a vital role in controlling me in terms of choosing my friends, keeping an eye on the kids I mixed with after school and so on. I believe strong bonding in the family can help the situation to improve. More than law enforcement, this is such a problem where the support and care of the family is what needs the most.

Paulomi Rahman NishaPaulomi Rahman Nisha

I was extremely shocked after hearing the news. This incident occurred due to the act of indulging or gratifying a desire of the children… These incidents can be prevented by generating awareness among parents. There is a border line between advice and command. I think children should be taught that they can’t have everything they want. And also by refusing to give in to the tyranny of tantrums, strong parental control plays an important role. Proper rules and regulation in the family, enraging limits and boundaries can play significant roles in this case.


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