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This week we asked our readers what improvements they feel can make schooling in Bangladesh better.

Muhammad Jahidul Islam Muhammad Jahidul Islam

To improve schooling in Bangladesh, the pressure from exams need to be reduced. PSC is not needed for kids as it throws them into a competition that can be harmful…Academic books need to be enriched so that students can be less dependent on guide books. Government should take initiatives to stop the curse of question leaking.


Masud Rana

Masud Rana

To ensure quality of education in the school, effective recruitment system of teachers and proper training for them is required. Academic lesson must contain the interest of humanity, honesty , integrity and national pride. Co-curricular activities must be practiced and suitable facilities for that purpose needs to be ensured. Good communication, in most aspects of life among the teachers and students, can play a vital role in ensuring quality education. Inter-school competitions between urban and rural schools can be helpful.

Asif Ishaque AliAsif Ishaque Ali

In my opinion the following elements can vastly improve the schooling system of our country: (1) Incorporate a mandatory ethical training session from day one for all students where there will learn to do their own domestic chores like wash their own dishes, learn simple cooking, learn table manners, learn how to keep the surroundings clean etc. (2) Place more emphasis on creative thinking and writing instead of memorisation (3) Remove exam system till class III or IV (4) Make reading news papers and watching world news on television a mandatory habit, possibly during school hours if needed. (5) Focus more on English writing and speaking (6) Give books to read as homework (7) Recruit those individuals as teaching staffs who has degrees in education, has training in child psychology and has a pleasant personality with proper background check done on them by the authorities (8) Install self defense training programme (9) Make all schools co-ed (10) Education on the teachings on religious and ethical grounds and (11) Enforce directive from government to reduce price of school fees so that the overall system becomes affordable but rich in quality.

Shehneela Naz Shehneela Naz

I think classes with less students can help teachers to identify individual students weaknesses, learning styles and areas that needs to be developed. Also, teachers should be allowed to use any approach that suits their classroom. Any top down decision like creative educational system should not be made mandatory.



Md Zakaria Emey Md Zakaria Emey

In terms of content, we need to have the connections between theories (which we generally read) and the implication of those; in real life… Also, we need to diminish the gap between English and Bangla medium. For a better Bangladesh, we need to ensure internationally approved English spoken generation to exchange our views and skills. But we also cannot ignore our roots.

Tamanna Sultana Tamanna Sultana

Well-educated and responsible teachers are required for a better education system…Also coaching business should be banned by the government…In order to enhance creativity in students, teachers themselves need to be creative. Finally, guide book business needs to be abolished. If these problems are addressed, then the problems in our education system can be solved to a greater extent.

Nouroz Pathan Nouroz Pathan

I am going to focus on practical examples.
1) We can employ teachers of either SSC or Masters passed to teach our ‘primary school going’ children as the personal experiences of these teachers can act as direct catalysts for the pupils.
2) A handsome honorarium can possibly ensure creativity in presentation and dedication for teachers.
3) A well-trained teacher can manage simple resources around him to prepare teaching aids.
4) If the curriculum becomes well-organized and textbooks are neatly prepared with a good review by educationists, students will be more motivated than before.
Abu Talha Abu Talha

Our education system needs to understand the preference and taste of the child rather than simply pushing him or her into any particular academic stream that his or her parents are opting for…A properly planned curriculum can provide clear future goals for students.

Ashraful Raihan Ashraful Raihan

We must eradicate all corruption during the recruitment process of teachers. Also, there should be encouraging events for both the teachers & students that can motivate them toward performing their best.

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