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Golper Jhuri


Golper Jhuri or ‘compilation of stories’ is a set of 12 short stories in Bengali. The 40 page story book comes with a colorful cover and hand sketched pictures for all stories which are related to the storylines. These stories for children can be self read or parents can read it to their children. The subjects are different from one another but the characters are related. All the stories circle with 10 common characters and tell tales in different situations. The language is easy and easily relates with the common activities of the children. Apart from morals of the stories there are some rhymes included in the content which adds an additional dimension. At times rhetoric is used and a conversation is made with the reader. The story Bhuler Khesharot or ‘Price for a mistake’ has the moral of not dumping things in inappropriate places. As the stories tell the simple subject matters it makes interaction with the thoughts of the children. Another story titled Shukhi Rajjo Ebong Porider Golpo or ‘A Happy Kingdom and Fairies’ introduces the concept of magic realism which allows the reader to travel into the world of imagination and fairy tales. The stories also bring in lessons for children such as growing a reading habit, maintaining time and having a balanced diet.

Author- Nazneen Towhid

Genre- Story for children

ISBN- 9789849259374

Price- Tk 150


Bhutu Mama16473842_1357203237687421_5369590855000830018_n16388167_1357203094354102_8327308646860067700_n

Bhutu Mama or ‘Uncle Ghost’ is a character of a series of novel for children in Bengali. Two of the books have been published this year titled ‘Bhutu Mamar Bage Etto Etto Bhut’ (There are lots of ghosts in Uncle Ghost’s bag) and ‘Bhutu Mamar Bage Ekti Bhalo Bhut Ache’ (There is a good ghost in Uncle Ghost’s bag). The concept of ghost or supernatural beings is a popular subject in fictions and films. Although many believe thatsuch super natural beings do not exist, the subject is of interest to many. However, while introducing this subject to the children one ought to be very careful because during recent years of research of public health particularly of child abuse any introduction of fear in the minds of the childrein are  strictly restricted. As a child grows, research findings suggest that a child might grow with lack of self confidence and even undergo psychological trauma.

However, the two books of the author introduces the concept of ghosts in a friendly way so that the children might be friendly with the concept of supernatural beings and not be scared.

The two books tell stories within a story. The main character is at times found narrating stories to children. The books are written in easy language and come with interactive ways of communication. The storyline presents rural setting and for the urban children these can act as cultural orientation on the traditional way of life. Description of heritage sites, deshi games and livelihood of the farmers and fishermen can be found in the pages of the books. There are dialogues and children might get friendly with the long practiced horrifying concept of ghosts yet thrilled by the interesting occurrences.

Author- Nazneen Towhid

Genre- Novel for children

ISBN- 9789849259381 and 9789849259367

Price- Tk 90 each

All the three books have been launched this year by the publishing house Intamil. Stories for children are the first attempt by the writer this year. Nazneen Towhid has been writing in different newspapers for a decade. Her other novels published over the last few years include fictions and cooking recipes. The books are available in stalls of Boi Potro numbered 629 and 630 in the month-long book fair at Bangla Academy.

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