Books at the boi mela

By Sadiqur Rahman

Manobota Birodhi Oporadh Bichar Andolon(1971-2013)

By Tapan Palit

Publisher: Bangla Academy

Price: BDT 800

The ruling party peers for instance may credit the Awami League government for initiating the trial against a number of accused war criminals of the Liberation War in 1971.

Tapan Palit, a history teacher at Jagannath University, has revealed that the momentum was not merely the implementations of a political party’s electionmanifesto.


The author, as part of his thesis, analysed the historical events between 1971 and 2013, and with numerous references he recollects a series of demonstrations by the pro-independence people at every nook and corner of the country demanding trial of the collaborators.

To be impartial, the author tried to analyse the factors created by ruling incumbents including the pro-independence Awami League and its opponents Bangladesh Nationalist Party and others that hindered proper trial of the collaborators for the last 40 years.

The author went through many literary works, films and news reports documenting the social and cultural movements that had emerged across the country and abroad during the four decades. He found that diversified mass movements were the keys to implement the trial process.

Tapan shaded light on martyred filmmaker Zahir Rayhan, sector commander Lt. Col. Kazi Nuruzzaman (rtd), Professor Ahmad Sharif, Jahanara Imam, journalist Shahriar Kabir, Professor Muntassir Mamoon and other dedicated leaders of the Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee and progressive politicians across the country who played pivotal roles to wage mass movement since the emergence of the country.

The role of the mass upsurge on February 2013 under the Ganajagoran Mancha was also critically discussed in the book.

The 616-page book containing old photographs, important documents of the Gono Adalot, press notes and government gazettes circulated in the period upon the issue would be a valuable reference for aspiring historians, academics researching crimes against humanity and obviously the future generation.


Ekla Akash

By Monish Roy

Publisher: Bivas Publication

Price: BDT 250

Readers of Ekla Akash will be immersed in a story being told by one frustrated father of a slain writer who was murdered brutally recently by extremists against free thinking.

The father was disappointed with the present political hegemonies that split the nation into two groups belonging to secularism and religious fundamentalism.

The novel is the recollection of a freedom fighter father who sorrowfully tells the history of an emerging nation and recalls his ardent efforts to groom his kid up as a patriotic citizen who in future can lead the nation towards prosperity by applying his intelligence.

While sitting beside the corpse of his dead son, the emotional father criticises the far divided secular political forces and blames mass people and so called freethinkers who did not save his son’s life when he was attacked in front of them.

The novel however ends with hope of love and humanity amidst turmoil where people are blind and consider revenge as the only weapon to counter their opponents.

Author dedicated the novel to Professor Humayun Azad and United State-based slain blogger Avijit Roy.


Se Prothom Prem Amar

By Al Mamun Shohag

Publisher: Bangladesh Writers’ Guild

Price: BDT 147

Through this book, aspiring author Al Mamun Shohag brings his first collections of short stories to depict the chemistry between love and separation.

The book can whisk readers back to their teen lifeas the author shares stories that most girls and boys have experienced.

The storytelling is interesting and educational for romantic couples as the plots move through changing daily life, inner struggles, feuds and aspirations.


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