Never ending beauty

Mifat Nayer

17091158_1262118833855545_539354248_oNo matter how many times one visits or writes about Cox’s Bazar, there is always room for more to write about this Bangladeshi treasure. While visiting the longest natural sea beach at any time of the year, one can find eternal shades of beauty. Each season has its own aura.

17016577_1262118787188883_714764876_oWhat can one wish more when the sea is at sight, the toe touches the waves, the body climbs heights and the soul gets drowned in the heavenly laps of nature? Every time I leave this place and come towards Dhaka, my heart yearns to stay a few days more. I guess the feeling is alike for any other nature-lover. The games of light and shadow, sun and the moon or a sky only with glowing stars added with the view of fishing trawlers, thrilled tourists and local people earning their livelihood in diverse ways of Cox’s Bazar can leave any tourist mesmerised.

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