Thought provoking Non-fictions 

By Muhammad Ibrahim Ibne Towhid


Goriber Rabindranth

Ahmed Sofa’s research and subsequent write ups on Rabindranath Tagore had continued for more than 31 years. During this time, Sofa analysed, revised and in some cases was skeptical about some of the points in the writings of Tagore. All of Sofa’s writings are yet to be published and the publishing house Modhupok aims to publish the unpublished works in the months to come. Goriber Rabindranath is a compilation of some pieces written by Ahmed Sofa on Rabindranath Tagore. It is marked as part 1 which hints toward the intention of publishing further parts. Among 14 articles as the content of the book, seven have been published here for the first time. The articles include a poem dedicated to Tagore and an English writing whose draft has been attached in the book as an image so that the readers can feel the aura of the writing. In one of the articles Sofa expressed that Tagore did not write anything about the Muslims or the Muslim farmers. Sofa writes that he would have asked two questions on this regard to Tagore if he would have met him in person.  Edited by Salimullah Khan, his interests on both the authors are reflected vividly in the introduction of the book. Khan adds a poem of his own just after the contents which ought to be self explanatory for the readers. The book is open to further criticism from readers of the works of Tagore and Sofa as Sofa himself is presented as a critic of Tagore.


M Halal Uddin-Book-2Memoria- Ahmed Sofa, Edited by Salimullah Khan (Part One)

Publisher- Modhupok

ISBN- 978-984-34-2386-3

Price- Tk 295








Shafoller Pothe (Towards Success)

A renowned Bangladeshi doctor could only pass the FCPS examination after 13 failed attempts. Only out of extreme passion could he take the 14th attempt and thereby achieve a milestone. Many such case studies have been highlighted in the book.

The Bengali book came out in the market during the month long book fair this year. The author is a physician by profession and the book can act as a suggestion or guideline for readers who want to be successful. The author wrote the book from a first person perspective where the different sections talk about how success can be attained in one’s life.  Starting with a short introduction, the 74 page book can be read at one go. The writer lists 10 points in the introduction which are different steps of success and can act as tools for climbing the professional ladder. The different chapters’ of the book are titled as passion, cultivating knowledge, proper use of time, dedication, development, patience, positive mindset, creativity and courage.

All the guidelines in the book are accompanied with examples of success stories of outstanding persona, case studies of individuals, references from religious books and quotations of the enlightened. One may find some typos in the book which is sure to be sorted out in the next editions. The book can be purchased from the online store and at the outlet of the publishing house.


M Halal Uddin-Book-1Author- Dr. Muhammad Helal Uddin, MBBS, BCS

Publisher- Jhinuk Publications

ISBN- 978-984-91232-4-8

Price- TK 120


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