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Muhammad Ibrahim Ibne Towhid visits an exhibition by the Edge Foundation to understand what makes the platform unique from other institutions promoting art


A study into the thought of ‘absurd’ refers that things be observed differently and that meaning be sought out even in the most properly portrayed art. Similarly, the American influential painter Jackson Pollock had said, ‘the painting has a life of its own…Painting is self-discovery….’ It is indeed and equally for the artist as well as the audience.

A renowned artist of the country had once explained abstract art as ‘the form of art is self explanatory to individuals and spectators. All my works are embedded with endless emotions and constructed through hundreds of hours of different moods. The final work is tough to summarise in just few words and lines.’

One can stand hours in front of a painting and unveil the layers of meanings hidden in it, the abstract pieces allowing the mind to reveal more thoughts. Moreover, an exhibition of exhilarating paintings can hypnotise its audience. The term ‘Abstract Expressionism’ evokes an aim to make art that while abstract is also expressive or emotional in its effect. It is inspired by the surrealist idea that art should come from the unconscious mind.

Edge gallery is currently presenting a solo exhibition of the renowned Bangladeshi artist Mohammed Eunus. Upon visiting the exhibition on the inaugural day, the canvases with different abstracts seemed to take me on a journey of self discovery.

The 69 energetic works of bold colours and spellbinding forms, capturing the stories of ordinary objects, those left behind and forgotten drives the essence of things lost to resurface. With 34 exhibitions completed worldwide so far, Eunus yet again offers us (the audience) with something to challenge perceptions and feed intellectual appetite.

This is Eunus’s first exhibition in six years, presenting a vast collection of works that are as exhilarating as they are dynamic. High energy, a blast of bold colours and a mesmerising connection of each work with the present day are just snippets of the total experience. In his journey towards creating complex works that are most favoured by collectors in Bangladesh and abroad, Eunus follows the revered footsteps of the celebrated late artist Mohammad Kibria, the master of Bangladeshi abstract art.

Edge Gallery invites art lovers to take part in a journey to reawaken senses and discover a new way of deciphering everyday complexities that is life. Anyone who visits the exhibitions by Edge can find him or herself to be immersed in a journey of great emotional intensity, gallantry and hypnotic imaginings due to the ambiance of the gallery.

Officials of Edge point out that the Foundation seeks to create a better world by sharing knowledge. Edge Gallery’s events showcase and promote creatives, and help raise funds for educational scholarships and artist grants.

The gallery is equipped with the most modern facilities and can be termed as one of the best galleries of the country, as some visitors shared with New Age Xtra. The location makes it unique as it is just beside the Baridhara lake and while exploring art one can step out into the lawn and equally enjoy the nature and beautiful view of the lake. A mug of coffee or tea can add another dimension to the overall aura. The high walls of the gallery create another situation through which the oblong canvases can be enjoyed.

Fardeen A. Kamal, the deputy director of Edge, The Foundation says, ‘Our foundation works as a non-profit, while we generate revenue from holding other events like music and dance. The gallery is visually the best in the country and newest in the list. We hold art exhibition with all the leading artists and these exclusive works are open for everyone.’

The exhibition titled ‘An Abstract Affair: Contemporary Conversations’ is running from March 18 till 31 from 10:00am to 8:00pm everyday at Bay’s Edgewater at 12 North Avenue, Gulshan 2, Dhaka.

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