Boka Baksha!

The founders of a new online store tell Muhammad Ibrahim Ibne Towhid how their venture is going to be unique from other similar online stores


The world is a place where all kinds of mammals and other living beings survive. Only humans are deemed as the smartest of all living beings here. However, when all other animals depend on nature for their livelihood, human beings disrupt nature for their own existence. Humans modify resources and thus disturb the natural way of harmony.

To appreciate natural resources, Arnab Saha and Qazy Tipu started an online store from June last year, which is making jewelry from wood. They named their venture ‘Boka Baksho’. The Bangla word ‘Boka’ refers to ‘fool’ while ‘Baksho’ represents ‘architecture’.  The two, who are architects, consider themselves ‘Boka’ as they live inside the box and cannot live in nature as animals do. With a vision to think outside the box and create some new designs from regular things, they initiated their organisation.

Wood ply boards have always been one of the regular materials for architects and architecture students to design models. But the duo considered designing jewelry items with the material.

The initial idea was to design beautiful sketch books with wooden board covers. The writing book largely accepted by journalists, architects, art lovers, artists and poets, triggered an inspiration to try out the designing of jewelries. Girls have a tendency to have a fascination for jewelries and online shopping which was an advantage and the product line now include pendants, earrings, finger rings, and dream catchers.

Boka (fool) does not have any gender and this was a further plus point as men can also wear the innovative jewelries for fashion. The primary customers were classmates and then the online shoppers. The designs are done with the help of software and then after laser cutting, the assembling is done with careful touches, making the final product a handmade one.

Arnab Saha says ‘When we started working with wood we found there are wooden jewelry boxes but not enough wooden jewelry. We reinvented the use of wood in jewelry. Boka Baksho is basically working on a new era of fashion trade. The products are very local and we work with various types of local materials like wood, paper, plastic, etc. We are inspired by nature, culture, religion, and traditional events. We want to create something new but traditional. We also design bags, lamp shades, furniture and take order for custom made products.’

Boka Baksha has a team of four people, who are all architects or students of architecture and they love to call themselves ‘bokar dol’. They all work in their studio which is their outlet, home and workshop as well. Apart from online selling, they take part in exhibitions and events also. While participating anywhere, they travel with their ‘baksho’, a box where they store their stock. The price of the products range from Tk 100 to Tk 2,000. The price increases with the use of different materials.

Qazy Tipu says, ‘We look forward to work hard and change the conventional trend with our amazing products.  Our whole team is related to architecture; only the working pattern is different. Now we design products instead of buildings! After a good response in Dhaka, we are planning to reach outside Dhaka by taking part in events and visiting universities.’


The innovative group aspires to open a store of their own in the coming days as they believe the charm of their products can be felt if one sees them with their own eyes and holds them in their hands.

Visit their online outlet at


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