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Muhammad Ibrahim Ibne Towhid writes about PC Builder Bangladesh which is claimed to be the first video based podcast of technology in the country

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When someone goes to a shop to buy any products, initially the salesmen are the guides for choosing which product suits the necessity of the customer. However, people today have become more aware in terms of finding their perfect need, thanks to the diverse contents available online. With many reviews in different websites, people can easily make a comparison in choosing the products. As people are more comfortable with the visual media, video reviews are trending today. Another advantage of video is that one can see the products apart from just getting the information.

YouTube is till date the most popular video sharing platform globally and tech tubing or publishing technology related contents is a popular trend worldwide, although it is comparatively new in the country. Here comes the story of PC Builder Bangladesh. The journey of the YouTube channel was a passion driven amateur attempt in the beginning. With time, the channel has proven to upload quality contents consistently.

Most of the people are attracted to prank videos online. However, for buying a product, review has no alternative. Reviews are constructive criticisms and comparisons which reveal both the positive and negative sides of the product. It was February 12, 2014 when Zahid Haque opened a channel and two days later, released his first video. Tech tube is basically reviewing a product to the help the consumers. The thing that makes it innovative is the reason why it exists. When a product comes to the market, it comes with campaigns and advertisements. All its specifications and reviews come in different platforms today. In Bangladesh most of the people like to watch a video with Bangla audio, which clarifies the complex technical terms in an easier way.

13220996_1730096363926915_8133244617818152666_nFor instance a game lover needs to have a high configuration computer. However, most of the salesmen and dealers try to manipulate the customer with their product or the specific products of the company they are marketing. Here comes the crucial role of the tech tubers who help the users in becoming aware of what parts they need to use or informing them technically.

Haque is a business person but technology is his passion. The founder and content creator of PCB Bangladesh says, ‘From my childhood, I am in love with technology. As a user I found that the compilation of the computer from the shop is not enough for me. For example as a gamer, I need a better graphics card. Many such people feel the need of a guide to choose the suitable component. I started sharing my experience and today I am sharing reviews of gadgets, tutorials and products to a greater audience in a much better presentation.’

PC Builder is a startup. Making videos with quality shooting and editing, needs expenses and that are now being personally managed. Haque adds, ‘Initially I had to buy a product and then review it. With the increase in number of views and people knowing us, companies give us their products to review. We give back the products within a week.’

Today they are tagged with 8 companies and in their videos they break down products, for example a mother board, to present a concrete knowledge with the viewers. Maintaining and developing this channel needs fund. At present they get some amount from the advertisements of YouTube which is little because even today YouTube does not recognize Bangla contents and a small amount is gathered from their website advertisements. They have been sharing their reviews in all the mediums of social media and they have developed their website as a blog.

Ananya Zaman, the head of management and editor of PC Builder says, ‘Worldwide reviews sustain through affiliated marketing but this is rare in Bangladesh. If affiliated marketing comes to Bangladesh in a stronger way, we can develop ourselves and present more to the viewers.’

Pointing out the prospects of this sector, Zaman adds, ‘Following our reviews, more than 180 others have started to review in YouTube. This can be a career for more as well, when online platforms come with affiliated sales.’

The other members of the team are Wasi Rahman, Fahim Hossain Atul, Mahabub Alom Rakib, Jahirul Islam Manna and Martin Hannan.

On an average the channel is getting 500 new subscribers per month and has more than 7000 viewers per video. Their total number of subscribers is more than 8000 and they are posting one video per week. Most of their videos till date are in Bangla, however they wish to bring English audio in order to reach a more audience globally in the future. Tech tubing is a trend today and if more people are keen in this sector, the country can fulfill its dream of initiating a fruitful tech city in a much better way.

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