Home of serenity

By Sajjad Ahmed Nipu

Photos by Sadiqur Rahman

Being a sprawling country, India has plenty of tourist attractions. Possibly the most popular and common destination for Bangladeshi travelers is Darjeeling, the place of clouds and mountains. However, Darjeeling city is now fervent with political turmoil. Still, there are some places that you can visit freely, away from all the conflicts.


Rishyap is a small mountainous village of Darjeeling district near the Lava city. It is located 28 kilometres east of Kalimpong city and nearly six kilometres from Lava city. Rishyap in brief is a heaven for the people who love silence and peace. If serenity is the desire behind your tour, Rishyap is the place for you. If the sky is clear of clouds, you can watch the Himalayan Mountains along with the mighty Kanchenjunga clearly from here.

The village is also a perfect place for stargazing. The city lights of Gangtok, Lava and Kalimpong are also visible and the glaring stars shining above make an ambiance of outer space, infusing more beauty into the night.


However, accommodation in Rishyap is scarce. There are no hotels here except for wooden cottages of local people. But these cottages can add to the ambiance of the hills.  You can sit in the balconies of these cottages for long hours, savouring the serenity and beauty of nature.


Some of the other places in Rishyap are:

Tiffin Dara:

Tiffin Dara is the topmost point of Rishyap and second highest point of West Bengal. If the weather is in your favour you can get a 360 degree view of Kanchenjunga, Kalimpong and Pedong from here. The viewpoint is about 30-40 minutes walking distance from Rishyap village. Walking through the pine forest and hilly roads in a complete quiescence on the way to Tiffin Dara will surely heal your spirit.


Neora Valley National Park:

This park has a variety of flora and fauna. The red panda is the most popular fauna found in this forest although it is rarely visible and can be found in the dense areas of the jungle. There is a trail in the park that leads to the Bhutan border from inside the forest. To visit this park, you have to take official permission from the authority at first which is available from the Forest Range Office at Lava. The main entrance of the park is located in Kolakham village, 10 kilometres from Lava city.


Changey Falls:

Changey falls is another must see destination to visit. It is located at a distance of 14 kilometres from Lava Town. Four wheeler cars can easily reach the spot. There is a 900 feet walking trail that can reach the bottom of Changey falls.


Besides the above mentioned places, there are some other places nearby like Lava monastery, Pedong, Lolegaon, Kolkham etc.. Almost a week is required to visit all of these spots in Rishyap.





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