Reminiscing Manchester

By Disha Mosha


The cold nights, sunsets at 3:00pm, rain and drizzle every moment, the moody weather switching all seasons in less than five minutes. The walks to the grocery, the walks to the class and the walks to nowhere. A visit here and a visit there; the old buildings, the modern architecture, graffiti and hidden nooks. The chocolate rush, the multi-tasting cuisines even the salt-less food. The crazy ‘critically reviewed’ essays, the library, the campus, the people and also the all-nighters. Summer, sunsets at 11:00pm, walks to the park, word count and thesis, friends, laughter, hangouts, goodbyes- all part of the cherished one year! Miss you Manchester!

The author is a Chevening alumni. She can be followed on twitter and instagram @dishamosha

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