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Following are two books that has focused on some of the pressing issues in South Asia.

Ethnicity and Human Security inBangladesh and Pakistan

The book identifies the sources and nature of threats to people belonging to ethnic groups and conceptualises human security in a manner that addresses the inadequacy of the traditional approach. It conducts an analysis on ethnicity and non-ethnicityinduced human security problems in the CHT of Bangladesh and the Sindh Province of Pakistan, as important areas of human security. This work deals with threats stemming from ethnicity and the resultant conflict thereof in the CHT and in Sindh. The book, therefore, conceptualises the concept of human security to mainstream it into security discourse. The book is definitely destined to result in a positive contribution to security studies.

Mohammad Humayun Kabir is the Senior Research Director at the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute. He is a recipient of several educational awards such as the Commonwealth Scholarship, the Ford Foundation Fellowship and the Senior Fulbright Scholarship.

His areas of research interest include foreign policy, security studies, water issues, inter-state relations in South Asia, regional and global order, etc. Kabir has to his credit more than 50 research works, including books, book chapters, monographs and journal articles published in several South Asian countries, Europe and North America.

Dr Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed, a Senior Research Fellow at the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS), has obtained his PhD degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Australian National University, Canberra. Dr Ahmed has participated in various national and international conferences and published numerous researched papers in international and national journals.

South Asia ITuman Security Series


Title- Ethnicity and Human Security inBangladesh and Pakistan

Author- Mohammad Humayun Kabir and Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed

ISBN- 978 984 506 042 4

Price- Tk 415, $ 20






Managing Food Price Inflation in South Asia

The surge in global commodity prices during 2006-08 coupled with the global financial crisis of 2008-10 presented a tremendous development challenge for South Asian countries. The huge loss of income from the terms of trade shock worsened macroeconomic balances, fuelled rapid inflation and hurt growth. The global financial crisis is further worsening the situation due to falling economic opportunities and government revenues. South Asian countries need to accelerate reforms to avoid a serious down turn in economic activity, investment, exports and income. Governments in South Asia have responded by stabilising domestic food prices through a range of short-term measures. Some of the policies employed, such as export bans, are not consistent with long-term welfare of the country or the region. Safety net interventions need to be made consistent with longer term poverty reduction strategy and fiscal sustainability. Policy attention now needs to shift towards increasing farm productivity, improved rural infrastructure, and lower the vulnerability of the poor. The book draws on international and South Asian country experiences to guide public policies in ways that help improve the performance of agriculture and reduce the vulnerability of the poor. The Conference brought together international and country experts whose in depth analysis will provide a useful reference for policymakers, academics and members of the donor community.

Sadiq Ahmed is Vice Chairman of the Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh. He worked at the World Bank, Washington DC from 1981 to July 2009, holding various senior positions. There, he had served as Chief Economist for the South Asia Region and Sector Director for Poverty Reduction and Economic Management. He has written several books and articles published in various journals and working papers. Sadiq was educated at the Dhaka University, the London School of Economics and the Boston University.

Hans GP Jansen is Senior Agriculture Economist in the Agriculture and Rural Development Unit, Sustainable Development Department, South Asia Region of the World Bank. Earlier he worked for the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). He has numerous publications including journal articles and several books. Hans was educated at the Cornell University and the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Managing Food Price Inflation in South Asia



Title- Managing Food Price Inflation in South Asia

Author- Edited by Sadiq Ahmed and Hans G. P Jansen

ISBN- 978-984-8815-212


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