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Recently, 11 students committed suicide after not faring well in their HSC examinations. New Age Xtra had asked its readers whether this link between failure in examinations and suicide is starting to become a trend and if so, how can we curb this.

kaniz koli

Kaniz Koly

A person attempts suicide at the last moment of depression. Students become depressed by the demand of their best results from family and society. Also, our society does not recognise students who do not get Golden A+ in the board exams. Here I want to share my experience. I’ve got GPA5 in HSC exam. But as I did not get Golden A+, everyone started to blame and tease my family members and me. I could not sit for the BUET examinations, which was my dream, for not getting an A+ only in English. I was so depressed then. But following the mental support of my family members, I am now a proud Dhaka University student and I love it. So family and society play vital roles in these cases.


Afreen TanzilaAfreen Tanzila

Failing is a part of life and we need to raise our kids in such way that they can easily deal with failures. If someone fails in earlier phase and put more effort in the next phase of life then s/he can attain success. Success shows up after several mistakes. However, our society taught us the opposite. We need to perform perfectly to build a worthless ‘reputation’ for the society. Our parents will buy sweets and brag about how their kids got ‘Golden A+’ and others’ kids ‘could’ not. This unhealthy comparison and unbearable stress of being a failure led them to end their lives. The parents need to change their point of view regarding failing first. If a kid gets a supportive family to have his/her back then s/he will not feel helpless or vulnerable regarding failing. S/he will feel more determined and strong for her next endeavor instead.


Sadique SalimSadique Salim

The ridiculous competition among children is now taking a toll on these innocent lives. The education system is to be blamed partially. More importantly our society is guilty. We have put pressure on these children by relating only academic success with general success in lives. We are branding them as failures even before they are in any sort of career or entering into the job market.


Masud RanaMasud Rana

A pervasive competition among the parents regarding their children’s success is leading to these tragic incidents. To die is really tough, and having such intentions is possible when a person loathes him/herself. Familial support is the only solution that can save our young generation and future leaders from futility.



Gazi AnisGazi Anis

A defeated student chooses the path of suicide, as he/she feels like they are losing the race in the student market. And the family is more responsible because of this as they always expect good results from their children. This is exerting undue pressure on the children… To curb chances of suicide, the family needs to understand the needs and emotions of the child. They need to encourage the child rather than putting pressure on him or her.



MD Abu SayedMD Abu Sayed

Most of the time, suicide is caused by mental illness such as depression, stress or mental pressure. Internal and external pressure to achieve GPA-5 or golden A+ among students is increasing day by day. At present most students of Bangladesh have started to believe that only who will get GPA-5 or Golden A+, can admit into a public university. Parents think that GPA-5 or Golden A+ is a good result and their social reputation will be decreased if their children fail to gain it. That’s why they create pressure on their children and don’t try to understand their capability, even educational institutions too, create pressure to get GPA-5 or Golden A+. As a result, when some fail to achieve this result, sometimes they commit suicide.
If family, school and friend circle give mental support during their stressful situation, suicidal tendency could be reduced.

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