Another win for commuters

Md Amjad Hossain sheds light on ezzyr, a new app that will provide short and long distance services along with ambulance services


If the citizens of the country were asked which facility is more difficult for them to avail within due time, most of us would not mention increasing food price, house rent, education services and so on. They would rather mention the transport in Dhaka, thanks to the severe level of mismanagement and unplanned city connectivity. Dhaka dwellers always pine for smooth public transport facilities.

Under the circumstances, US-based global taxi service company Uber and local motorcycle-based commuting service Pathao, although still not approved by the government, are helping the commuters in Bangladesh. The services have rekindled hopes in the minds of commuters who, otherwise, are frustrated by the traffic congestion in most major roads of the city.

Due to the success faced by Pathao, which is claimed by some of its riders to have around 25,000 riders, other motorcycle sharing services like amarbike and SAM have also been initiated in the country. But these are yet to receive the same amount of popularity that is being enjoyed by Pathao.

While most of these are only serving the Dhaka dwellers, a new commuter based service called ‘ezzyr’ is getting ready to serve the people around the country through its three major services including car booking, motorcycle sharing and ambulance booking. ‘ezzyr’, which would commercially launch in September, is already on its pilot phase in some cities, besides Dhaka.

In order to avail the services, one needs to download the app from Google Play Store or from iStore for apple phones.

After downloading the app, a passenger can catch a short distance ride at anytime to a destination that he or she marks on the app. For the long-distance service, a passenger needs to pre-book a car or ambulance.

Although it is yet to start in a full-fledged manner, ezzyr is already gaining popularity from commuters. Welcoming ezzyr, Arefin Badhon, a Dhaka-based entrepreneur, shared on his facebook timeline- ‘Congratulations ezzyr. Be focused on ensuring and maintaining satisfaction of customers as well as earning profit.’

New Age Xtra recently talked with ezzyr director Kamrul Hassan Imon to understand how ezzyr can bring about a change in commuting. Kamrul says, everyone wants an easy ride under any circumstance, and we are ready to provide it. ‘So, the name ezzyr refers to easy ride as we are trying to ensure an easy and comfortable ride for our customers,’ he says.

He also shares that they began brainstorming about the service around early 2016, way before launching of Uber in country. But due to some complications they could not implement it then.

Imon says that the app was developed with an aim to provide services at low-cost and throughout the country. They also decided to address the issue of ambulance dearth in most parts of the country by including services for it in the app.

Ezzyr, developed by a local software company named Innovadeus Pvt Ltd, will provide 24-hour service to anyone who wants to go either a short distance in within the city or long distance, for example, Dhaka to Chittagong.

Unlike Pathao and Uber, its ambulance service is likely to be launched by November this year.

When asked about any legal bindings of the service from the transport authorities concerned, Kamrul informs that they already applied for its’ permission, and they do not have any legal problems for running the service. ‘A team is already working with the authorities concerned in settling the proper rules and regulations for running the service,’ he says.

Kamrul says, ‘We will start our service in neighboring countries as well by January of next year. But before that we want to satisfy the commuters in our country.’

When asked about the fares, he informs, ‘In our car service, 50 taka will be the base fare, 21 taka per kilometre and two taka per minute as waiting charge. In motorbike service, 25 taka will be the base fare, 12 taka per kilometre and 50 paisa per minute in jam or waiting charge.’

Kamrul says, ‘We are going to collect all legal documents from riders and drivers, as in car papers, driving license and number plate, so that we can trace and take actions against them if there is any incident of misbehaviour, assault or other crimes committed by the drivers or riders on the users. We will not hesitate to sack drivers if they violate our rules and regulations.’