Why not a high end bike!

Muhammad Ibrahim Ibne Towhid writes about the female biker who is breaking the norms

For the past year or so, the capital is seeing female traffic sergeants and some of them have hit the road with scooties. Comparatively, female bikers are far less in number than their counterparts. And this is where female biker Jannatul Nayeem Avril is making a difference with her high capacity bike.


Avril has just recently enrolled into an undergraduate programme of a private university in Dhaka. But she began riding from the age of 14. She says, ‘My father works abroad and while he was not in the country, I would steal his bike and go on a test ride. It was a Discovery bike and later, I started riding my brother’s motorbike. When my family saw that I had a good grip and could control the bike, they never discouraged me.’

As a child, Avril always liked to be carefree. Out of her thrive for exploration, she developed a passion as a bike rider. Thanks to her height, she can manage all the heavy end bikes. She says, ‘Why should a girl only ride a scooty? A girl can be a passionate biker and may have the desire to do all the stunts with a bike. I wanted to change the idea that girls cannot take that bold step. I myself am the example. I like to travel at good speed and I have learned two stunts so far. I hope to learn few more.’

As her pictures with her bike along with her initiative began to spread in the social media, Avril was approached by the motorbike company Yamaha. ACI motors wanted her to become their brand ambassador. ‘As I got an offer, I waited for some time. I did not want to crave for popularity. However, I do want that more girls and women ride high-end bikes. I want girls to succeed in all spheres of life without any hassles. I realised that being a brand and activity ambassador would allow me to inspire more others. Thus, I joined and took part in different rallies, went to the opening of new outlets and gave test drives to all the new bikes coming in the market,’ says Avril.

Avril currently rides an R15 version two and like any other biker, wants to do a world tour on bike. From time to time, she travels on the highways with her friends and she even rode on the road from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar.


She shares, ‘I am working at present to open a motorbike training school from where I can train boys and girls to ride on the road safely and professionally. I would also like to open a group of about 15 people where all the members would be girls and they would all travel with high-end bikes. This group will stand up against all odds and become activists for ensuring proper rights of the people.’

This year, Avril has gained popularity in the media. She has received offers to work in films and dramas. She says, ‘I would like to take one step at a time. I am right now engaged in modelling, doing photo shoots and music videos. I would not go into films just now. My father was an admirer of a doctorate politician. Since childhood I have a dream to be entitled with the doctorate degree. I plan to go for a PhD abroad and then do all the other things in life. At present I like all the little things I do. Life is a long road; let’s see where it takes me.’

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