Football’s commercialisation

Recently, Neymar agreed to a transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain at a whooping amount of GBP 200 million. Given these recent circumstances, New Age Xtra had asked readers if they feel that football is gradually becoming more commercial than a sport.

Islam ArifIslam Arif

Neymar’s transfer is not the only indication of football’s commercialisation. Rather this began around the beginning of the 21st century. Most of the clubs are taking iconic players to get more sponsors. In this case, becoming champion is not the main motivation, as only one team will be the champion each year. PSG invested a huge and unprecedented amount for Neymar. But the club is not able to create any profit as of yet. Is Neymar alone capable of getting the UCL to PSG? No player can do this… Their investment on Neymar is for getting more sponsors and crowd in the stadium. After Neymar joined PSG, the sale of their jerseys has increased incredibly.


Sabuj GuptaSabuj Gupta

I think any sport, to some extent in today’s era, is commercial. But what Neymar did few days back is different to me as we all know that he has been in a class of recent footballers after Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. Most likely, Neymar wanted to come out of the shadow of Messi to be the very best! The Spanish league was not very popular before Messi and Ronaldo. Neymar may act as a catalyst in bringing popularity and development in French League as well like those two.


Aminul Islam DishanAminul Islam Dishan

Of course, football is becoming more commercial. Since Arab sheikhs started investing in this game, the commercialisation has continued to increase.







Mahbubul Hoq Wakim

Mahbubul Hoq Wakim

Any form of sports is now more than just that. As sports have become an industry, commercialization of sports is a must. Thus, football, as a sport, becomes commercial activity. This tendency started from the early ‘90s… Several sources of income and revenue for the clubs are broadcasting the live football match, sponsorship from different multinational companies, transfer fees of footballers and selling football products, such as ticket, kits, and ball. Transfer of Neymar from FCB to PSG is just another source of income for Barcelona. And also transfer of a star player like Neymar to PSG has increased the brand value of the club and sales of their own football products, especially items featuring Neymar and tickets for the next matches will help in their financial growth.


Jahid Hasan UcchashJahid Hasan Ucchash

Today every single sport has become commercial. With more fees of the players, the market value of each player is increasing. During the last season, Paul Pogba’s club transfer fee was $105 million which was the highest amount at that time. However, this year already two transfers has overtaken last year’s record. As more businessmen of France, Middle East and China are looking forward to become owners of football clubs, more sponsorship is coming along with increase in the market value of star players. However, it is also true that the reputation of influential business tycoon is being highlighted more than the performance of the players.


Shafkat NoorShafkat Noor

I don’t think so. Look at the world economy. Everything is on the rise although resources are depleting. Plus, these high prices give value to the sportsmen that they deserve. Like art, music, poetry, sports is also something you cannot define or measure by money, where our hearts go through emotions at its extremes. As Neymar said, ‘The light that illuminates our career are intense but short’ with so many physical and mental challenges, unlike artists, musicians, etc. who tend to have longer professional lives.

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