Pangs of the pilgrim

There have been a number of problems with the Hajj flights and visas this year due to which a significant number of pilgrims are facing uncertainties about going to hajj this year. New Age Xtra had asked its readers their opinion whether they think that the growing number of Hajj agencies are providing the right kind of services to the thousands of Muslim pilgrims going for pilgrimage every year.


Masud RanaMasud Rana

Hajjj in some cases has become a business to some people in recent times. Only our local hajj agencies are not liable for this problem. I think the government should take the responsibility of sending these pilgrims by taking proper initiatives.




Islam ArifIslam Arif

Most of the hajj travel agencies in our country do not have any practical knowledge about arranging a hajj package tour. While this is the case, these agencies are looking for more profits rather than providing quality service quality, as they know that the number of pilgrims will continue to increase every year and their profits will never face problems. Our government should limit the accessibility of hajj agency license within the qualified persons/organisations.



[Football’s commercialisation]

Readerbase- August 11, 2017


Atif Islam EmonAtif Islam Emon

Neymar’s transfer doesn’t mean that football is becoming commercial. But yes, we can’t deny the fact that the market related to ‘transfer’ is booming. Money is a vital factor in current day’s football but it’s not all about money. Neymar left Barcelona because he wants to get out of Messi’s shadow… But the thing is not everyone can spend money like this, not even the top five clubs of Europe. So, even though market is booming, I think that it is not going to affect smart business decision like AC Milan’s transfer deals of this year.


Al-Amin AlifAl-Amin Alif

Not necessarily. Although, some of the personalities in football actually are becoming so, but football as a sport will always remain as such. Consider the £50 million transfer of Kyle Walker this season; he clearly is not worth this amount of money. The commercial side of this included conscience of the player, his agent, and all other personalities involved in this deal…Hence, the sport is not going commercial, some of the crucial people are.



Tanzin RahatTanzim Rahat

I think yes. The amount of money being used in transfers these days is too damn high. Although I don’t think the players play it for the love of money, they play it for the love of the game.




Hasib Hasan WerdunHasib Hasan Werdun

Neymar has been the best player in league for last two seasons and now he wants to challenge himself with a club which is considered a second tire club. ‘The best player becoming the most expensive player’ is not a new thing in football club transfers. So football is still the greatest sport on the planet where these rare events are just to make the game more challenging with new strategies and combinations.



Tausif AhmedTausif Ahmed

I don’t think Neymar went to PSG for the money. It is just that he has achieved everything as a Barcelona player and wants to achieve now in France as a PSG player. Of course the price tag was absolutely mind boggling but I think he deserves it given his amazing performance in recent times. Clubs who have money will use it and buy players like him and others. So I don’t think football is becoming more commercial than other sports.

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