Flood fund crisis

Plenty of questions and allegations are surfacing regarding distribution of government relief funds for the flood affected people of Bangladesh. New Age Xtra readers shared their opinions on how this problem can be addressed

Gazi AnisGazi Anis

Bangladesh is self-sufficient in food. So we should be able to deal with food problems of flood victims. But the problem is that while officially disaster relief is provided, it is still inadequate. It does not reach all flood-affected households. In this situation, the government relief system cannot ensure overall food security for the disaster. On the other hand, disaster victims spend more on infrastructural development after disaster and then they do not have enough money to meet their nutritional needs. But if the government is able to sell low-cost food in the flood-affected areas for a specific time, then it can solve the miserable situation of the flood victims.


Nazim UddinNazim Uddin

It is a common scenario with relief funds in our country. A particular regulation can be made to address this problem. A special supervision team can be formed that can be in direct supervision of the prime minister’s office.





MD Jon IslamJon Islam

Bangladesh is having one problem after the other… I think it is high time that the overall management of the country needs to change. I don’t know how but I feel a country cannot run with such diverse mismanagements.




Md TareqMohammad Tareq

Our country is faced with a number of natural disasters. In this decade it witnessed a number of cyclones, flood and earthquake…Question arises why proper steps have not been taken by the authorities to tackle this issue. In recent times the world has focused on climate change and Bangladesh is also receiving funds for this because it is a victim of climate change. I am shocked by the incompetency of some ministries at tackling this issue.


Mezbah Ul AlamMezbah Ul Alam

Flooding has affected the eastern, southern, and northern regions of Bangladesh. The government has opened many emergency flood shelters for victims. The current level of assistance is saving lives but it is insufficient to help the victims return to pre-disaster conditions. Gaps in all sectors of the response are significant. A joint humanitarian coordination team working group, comprised of UN agencies, government and civil society partners, can be formed to monitor the situation and work instantly to support and complement the government’s efforts.


21104435_1156649651101879_1488794265_oG.M. Fahim Mugdho

I would go for publicly accessible real-time ledger linked with distribution activity log across the affected areas. Journalists and general people can easily investigate the errors and detect where proper distribution is compromised. Due to excessive information exchange in grass-root level, distributors won’t get any chance to go anything unethical. Transparency will be served and accountability will be preserved by this.


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