Cycling for the environment

By ‘Cycologist’ Ajit Baral

During my world-wide cycling journey for the last two years, a question that I have often come across is ‘Why have I chosen bicycle for my tour?’ And my simple answer is that,it is the most eco-friendly means of transportation.We don’t burn fuel but fat!

Cycling has a number of health benefits. It fits everywhere and anywhere. For this reason, I found that the bicycle and environment has an invisible relation.


A cycle does not emit gas, consume fuel or pollute the environment in any way, still it can take a person to the mountain top or beside the sea and to the inaccessible alleys of the jungle which no other transportation can.


Regular cycling reduces the risk of occurrence of a number of diseases and it saves time in traffic congestions. In addition, it can freely cross any and every geographical borders and even be packed to carry in aircrafts without any additional charges.


As I share some photos of my global bicycle tour, I want to spread a message to all- ‘let’s bring change, let’s cycle; let’s save the environment and save the world.’

Cycologist Ajit Baral is a Nepali national who is currently on a world tour on his bicycle


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