For a hassle-free Eid journey

The residents of Dhaka have been facing severe traffic congestion over the last few weeks. With Eid happening next week, we had asked readers what kind of steps they feel that the authorities need to take to ensure hassle-free Eid journey home for revelers.


Mazharul Islam ObakMazharul Islam Obak

Skyline meaning helicopter can be one of the communication modes, for these days… As the roads are so jam packed.





Md Abu SayedMD Abu Sayed

Thousands of people have been facing horrible traffic congestion from last couple of days in different roads and highways. Though tailback is a common problem in Bangladesh, during Eid season it turns into a severe problem. There are many causes behind it including narrow roads, illegal parking on roadside, slow process of toll collection etc. Personal vehicles like cars and microbuses are increasing day by day. BRTA should maintain transparency and proper rules in giving license. Authorities should stop illegal vehicles parking beside roads and they should also try to extend the size of the roads and improve them. Authorities must also ban unfit vehicles.


Akmal HossainAkmal Hossain

Horrible traffic kills valuable time of passengers. Unplanned construction of roads and highways and dense population are the main causes behind congestion… I will suggest to authority that they construct planned and wider highways. They should also evict all illegal establishments on the road and highway sides. The authorities should also make proper and adequate number of public toilets by the highways for the convenience of female, child and old travelers.


Aminul Islam DishanAminul Islam Dishan

I actually don’t believe that they have anything to do at all, except make the pavements hawker free in order to give us some walking space at least.






Sikder TitoSikder Tito

Eid is just a day away. However, the authorities could have at least improved some roads in the city. The condition of the Mirpur road or the Malibagh road is just horrible. These cannot be called roads but muddy lanes. I am going to my native village today and I do not know what the conditions of the high roads are going to be like. I hope traffic police are there with other local volunteers to clear the roads from congestions in the haat areas that are close to the main roads.


Mahabuba Rahman RupuMahabuba Rahman Rupu

Traffic congestion in Dhaka has always been a very common but major problem! But over the last few weeks, it has become so unbearable and out of control…The authorities need to take steps to improve the highways and ensure that the traffic signals are in working order to avoid unwanted accidents. Also sufficient vehicles need to be ensured for the revellers.

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