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More than one lakh Rohingyas have reportedly fled to Bangladesh border from Myanmar over the past few weeks, thus gaining international media attention.

New Age Xtra had asked its readers that, under the circumstances, from the Myanmar government, the international community, Bangladesh government and others, who they think should come forward to solve the sufferings of the Rohingyas.


default-dpMahfuz Sozeeb

Of course, United Nations should look into this as it is an international issue.





Akmal HossainAkmal Hossain

Although, Bangladesh is helping the Rohingyas on humanitarian grounds, this is a burden for it. As we already have our own problems, setting up more camps for the fleeing Rohingyas will be a problem for us. I think, the international community and United Nations should work to help the Rohingyas. Unfortunately few countries have expressed concern about Rohingyas. UN and other countries can create pressure on Myanmar to take-back the Rohingyas.


Shahabuddin SarkerShahabuddin Sarker

Bangladesh has to lead the platform to solve the sufferings of the Rohingyas. After all, Bangladesh is the most affected country due to the genocide of the Rohingyas. Bangladesh should take support from UN & Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey & OIC countries to put pressure on Myanmar. A strong systemic diplomatic handling of the issue will pave the way for solution.



Masud RanaMasud Rana

Bangladesh must play vital role to create global awareness about the Rohingya crisis through diplomatic channels. We need to be engaged in this process with the help of other neighbouring countries like India, China.etc. Bangladesh has been seriously affected by this problem for decades now, without a permanent and sustainable solution from Myanmar. Bangladesh along with other countries must come forward much the same way India helped us during 1971’s war against Pakistan. At least for the time being, adequate food, water and medicine must be ensured by the international community under the leadership of Bangladesh.

Shishir RezaShishir Reza

Rohingyas are guiltless sufferers of alienation due to the conspiracy of Aung San Suu Kyi and the Myanmar junta. Actually the muslim Rohingyas were a part of the independent Rakhine state. Citing the militancy, Myanmar has sought help from India, China and Russia… Apart from this, Bangladesh government is doing its part for the Rohingyas by being hospitable toward them… Leaders of Muslim nations can call regional conferences to finally solve this issue. It’s time to diplomatically handle this situation and possibly come up with new methods through which Myanmar can be pressed into finally solving the issue.


Nahid HossainNahid Hossain

This genocide is recurring due to poor foreign policy of Bangladesh. For example, Myanmar helicopters have crossed into Bangladesh territory nearly 17 times and flew around freely. Also Myanmar army has shot towards Bangladeshi border. But till now the Bangladesh government has not said anything against this… So, my firm belief is that if Bangladesh improves its foreign policy and tries to shed light on the Rohingya crisis and share it with world powers like China, Russia, USA, UK and European Union, then this can be solved easily.





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