City of wind- I

By Mahfuzul Haque

Lake Michigan_2

Chicago – it is the city of Sears Tower, the skyscraper that was designed by Bangladeshi-American structural engineer Fazlur Rahman Khan. The tower’s main attraction is its skydeck, a glass balcony extending around 4 feet, on the 103rd floor. Looking straight down might make you feel uneasy but when you look at the horizon you can feel vibes of nature, offering the plains of Illinois and Lake Michigan.

Downtown Chicago_1

As the windy city lies across the shore of Lake Michigan one will get constant company of wind. It also can be called a city of tall buildings. The buildings are competing to be taller than others. During the second week of August, I went there to attend a conference. What I like the most about the city is its transit system – bus and subway. One uniform transport card allows one to travel through the whole city. The Chicago river flows through the city and a boat tour is ideal for enjoying architectural views of the buildings bordering the river.

Sears Tower

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