Rice becomes dearer

There has been a silent increase in the prices of various types of rice. New Age Xtra had asked readers if they think that this increase in prices will have an adverse effect on the overall expenditure and lifestyle of the citizens of Dhaka, if not properly checked by authorities in time.

 Shishir RezaShishir Reza

Currently, if we look at the market, we will see that the retail prices are increasing from five to seven taka for coarse rice and six to 12 taka for fine rice, within a difference of just 10 days. I don’t believe that this increase is due to flood, landslide, hill slide etc. Rather, Rohingya crisis is one of the reasons. Corporate elites use any event as an excuse to make profit. There are some rent-seekers in our business community, hankering after turnovers. They stock rice by forming syndicates, while the artificial scarcity leads to increase in prices. In Dhaka city beggars, hotel workers, porters, day labourers, maid servants, rickshaw pullers, vendors etc. are guiltless victims of rice price hike. We have to take steps to reform and monitor the rice market and control the inflation. I personally believe solution lies with the politicians and if they want to actually look into the problems being faced by the people.


Mahmuda FatemaMahmuda Fatema

Over the past year, the prices of various types of rice have increased between 38 to 51 per cent. This is, no doubt, going to have a negative impact on our economy on a large scale. What’s making the situation eventually unfixable is the continuous infighting of the government and the rice traders. Where the trading agencies have been stating that mainly the unusual high import cost from India is triggering this price hike referring to the lack of government surveillance; the government has been pointing at the mill owners as the main perpetrators for creating this instability in rice market through ‘artificial shortage’. In between this blame-game, the poor and the unprivileged are certainly the worst sufferers…The families of lower-middle stratum now will have to make a choice between economic strategies and consumption pattern, i.e. cutting down on health and recreation facilities. This in the long run can severely undermine their investment and savings.


Gazi AnisGazi Anis

The problems with rice are being created by dishonest businessmen…Traders have always been quick to maintain their own interests. They seem to have forgotten that the buyers are also poor and its impact on people of different classes of society will be severe. This issue has a huge impact on urban public life. Especially the lives of youth who are living in shared accommodations is becoming difficult. Their expenses have increased a lot and this is frustrating them. The concerned authorities should look into the matter soon.


Akmal HossainAkmal Hossain

Due to the heavy flood across the country, production of rice in the Northern and Haor regions has been heavily affected. Besides this, dishonest mill owners and businessmen are also responsible for the rice shortage across the country as they have illegally created artificial rice scarcity by hoarding the rice…the price hike is leading to severe problems for fixed income people…Government should import rice and take immediate and proper steps against dishonest businessmen and profiteers to reduce the sufferings of the mass people.


Nahid HossainNahid Hossain

Increase of rice price does not happen once in a blue moon in our daily lives. People, who live in Dhaka, spend a calculated amount of money for living. That is why this additional cost creates extra concern. To put it into perspective, they will have to take in to account the costs of baby food, medicine and child education. As far as I am concerned, two things could be responsible for this. In the first place, shortage of rice in the government silos, and secondly some shady persons who have hoarded rice to make more profit. Regardless, authorities are largely responsible for the silent increase in the prices. However, necessary steps have to be taken to solve the issue as soon as possible.

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