City of wind- II

By Mahfuzul Haque

Khan BBQ restaurant

The city has people of different colour and ethnicity. While walking along the streets, do not be surprised if someone asks you, “Kemon achen, bhai?” (How are you, brother?). I met such a man, from Tangail who works there. He informed about a place in Devon Street where Indian and Pakistani food items are offered. It seemed like a small Puran Dhaka (Old Dhaka). Restaurants and shops are along the street. You can have paratha, nan, kabab, biriyani, lachhi, sweets, and many more while listening to popular Bollywood and Pakistani songs. After having meal if someone wants to chew betel leaf, it is there as well!

Chicago River_2

Chicago offers peerless taste of its pizza items. Deep dish pizza is one of them with high edge and a deep surface for large amounts of cheese and a chunky tomato sauce. Some toppings to it will make it more delicious.

Chicago River_1

The Lake Michigan has given a majestic view to the city. If you are there, take a stroll beside the lake to energise yourself.

Garibe Newaz restaurant

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