Confusion and panic

An article on social media, shared by hundreds of people during the past week, was eventually found to be false. There has been similar false news being shared and spread over the past few years on various local and national issues, often creating unnecessary confusion and panic.

New Age Xtra had asked readers about their opinions on such fake news and how these can be dealt with.

  Imayed AhsanImayed Ahsan

When these type of news spread, leading newspapers, those who are considered as credible news sources, should step up. They should write pieces on it and use Facebook boosting to reach as many users as possible in the shortest period of time. The spent amount on Facebook boosting should fall under CSR.




Mohammad Tarek Aziz BappiMohammad Tarek Aziz Bappi

There has been a craze for launching online news portals in our country. The matter of concern is that these portals are spreading fake news. Sometimes criminals are using these portals to dissipate their anti-state agendas. When general people get updates, they usually believe the fake news and create rumours…Hence, it is urgent to make policies to regulate fake news sites and to control their dishonest goals.




Khalid Bin WalidKhalid Bin Walid

Social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, are international platforms where we can express or share our thoughts and feelings. We act like journalists over here and our reports here can be considered ‘Citizen Journalism’. In this case, people should share dependable and real news only after checking the validity first. As representatives of any news portal, people are always trying to inject his or her own analysis to the audience. In a way we are becoming dependent on news found in social media, but in many cases we are getting fake news and also sharing them. We should follow the international media and notable domestic news media or newspaper and not go through one source only.


Saleh AhmedSaleh Ahmed

In the modern era of communication, social media platforms play a vital role at raising public opinion. But sometimes false content on these social networking sites can trigger confusion and panic in everyday life…We can prevent it by raising awareness among people who are active in social media. We should have some common sense to judge an issue before believing it.



Akmal HossainAkmal Hossain

Fake news leads us the wrong way and creates misunderstanding. Besides social media, sometimes trusted and traditional newspapers also spread fake news for their own interests or even unintentionally. Government should make proper rules and regulations to control yellow journalism and fake news and punish those who breach the laws. Social awareness is also needed for this.



Munsur AhmedMunsur Ahmed

Fake news creates negative impact on people by creating a fake impression on an issue. At present social context news spreads very quickly. This is why fake news can create a hazardous situation. My recommendation would be for government to take lawful action against those spreading such false news.




Ahasan UllahAhasan Ullah

Fake news is a kind of social hazard that is bad for our young generations. Criminals and hackers spread such news intentionally. We must be careful and conscious before believing any news.




21b889c1798676755507d9f9118e065e--facebook-face-random-thingsRitu Chakrabarty

Nowadays it is one of the most familiar problems that we are suffering from. Actually to some extent, we are responsible for these as we are very fond of rumours…But we need to get rid of this habit as we are being wrongly motivated. So, I think the only way to get rid of these hassles, is to be more conscious about it. We should follow more than only one source of news or information. And as soon as we understand that any news is false, we should raise our voice against it.


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