Government should monitor pricing of all basic needs and not just healthcare

After conducting more than ten thousand successful operations, surgeon Doctor Lutfor Rahman, the chief cardiac surgeon at Labaid Cardiac Hospital, is providing free consultancy to patients over social media. Rahman tells Muhammad Ibrahim Ibne Towhid about the aspects that aspiring surgeons should adhere to


These days, people are coming up with more heart-related problems. What are your suggestions for prevention of such diseases?

Everyone must ensure a balanced diet. A person needs to have some form of exercise regularly and refrain from habits which are injurious to health, for example smoking. One should grow with age. One must know his or her does and donts. At a young age, one can do a number of careless things, which I would not say are always bad. One needs to explore life but he or she also needs to understand when to take health seriously.    

 After which age should a person be conscious about exercise? It also happens that palpitation rate increase for some sort of exercises. What do you suggest?

One should do some physical activities like running, everyday. Exercise can be of any sort for instance walking, jogging or swimming. However, body building and exercise is not the same thing. One should know the amount of labour his or her body can take. One should refrain doing heavy exercises which may have negative effects on the body.

 You have performed many successful heart surgeries and gained a reputation. What is the technique that you follow?

I am a surgeon. I say that I am very lucky to have achieved so much. A surgery has a number of steps. From the very beginning, I have followed the best doctors of the world. For each section of the surgery, I have learned their techniques by studying them and by learning about them. After compiling their methods, I have come up with my own surgical procedure. Today we have managed to instill trust in the minds of the people and let them know that they can get quality service here in Bangladesh and not rush to other countries. I want my successors in the field to come up with the best service through sincere learning. They actually deserve it. All doctors should nurture the humane qualities within them strongly. A patient always needs to rely on the delicate hands of a surgeon. I always suggest surgeons that using one artery is better but using two arteries is best.


 The government has set up a fixed rate on heart rings. Are the hospitals following it? What is your take on that decision?

This is a good initiative from the government undoubtedly. Every basic thing and services should have a fixed rate provided and monitored by the government. But there are problems elsewhere. The government should keep all the basic needs under control. For example housing is a basic need but the price is not in control. Many have questioned why only the health sector is suddenly being controlled. It is true that price of one essential product depends on all the other essential products. So, for long term benefits, the government should look into ensuring the proper rate of all the basic needs, not only on any particular one.

 You are active in the social media and you have been giving online consultancy to your patients. Could you please shed some light about the initiative?

This was not a planned initiative initially. It came as a byproduct of the services I give. Doctors are there to serve and treat patients. Although no one can definitely say what causes diseases, but taking good care of one’s health does check the threat of falling sick. From my social media page I share suggestions, tips for a healthy life, share cases of patients and provide consultancy to someone facing heart related problems. I cannot manage enough time to be online every instant, so I have an IT team who looks after the website and page. After consulting with me and discussing the cases of patients, they at times reply on my behalf. One can interact with me online at and




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