Hate crimes on rise

During the past week, two elderly Bangladeshis were attacked in New York City.

New Age Xtra had asked readers whether they feel that anti-immigration and anti-muslim rhetoric are the main reasons behind such surge in hate crimes against muslims and Bangladeshis in the Western world.


Nahid HossainNahid Hossain

Blaming a significant number of people in the world as ‘terrorists’ is not a good mindset…Muslims are facing the hate now because politicians are playing anti-muslim and anti-immigration card to get votes leading to xenophobia. Secondly, some perverted religious spokesmen are motivating people by fuelling such poisonous sentiments. As a result, people are becoming aggressive. Thirdly, the international media is also doing similar things. Also, a group of so-called muslims are also responsible for violence leading the world to think that the entire muslim population is like this, which in reality is untrue… Regardless of this, we are all for peace. Diversity is a beauty of a country which makes a country great.


Ritu ChakrabartyRitu Chakrabarty

Actually we can explain this phenomena, anti-immigration and anti-muslim rhetoric by the western world from a different perspective. For example, Samuel P Hantington, in his ‘Clash of Civilisations’ predicted a probable clash between Western world and muslim world of culture. So, we may think that predicted time has come in this 21st century. And another explanation can be based on labelling theory. As a part of muslim community were involved in some recently occurred terrorist activities (as assumed by the western world), the western world now fears muslims.


Saleh AhmedSaleh Ahmed

Yes, such crimes are shameful and are most likely caused by anti-immigration and anti-Muslim rhetoric. Edward Said’s concept of ‘orientalism’ has shown how the West perceives the East and basically the muslims. They described them as ‘nasty, timeless’..The media also play a vital role at fuelling such hate-based attacks and killings.


Akmal HossainAkmal Hossain

I think, anti-immigration and anti-muslim rhetoric are not the main reasons behind such surge in hate crimes against muslims and Bangladeshis in the Western world. Terrorist attacks around the world is a common phenomenon and mostly done by ISIS at the moment, a so-called Islamist terrorist group. ‘Muslims are fundamentalists and Islam is the religion of terrorism’- such perception is prevalent among most common people in the west despite being entirely wrong. In addition, Resurgence of right leaning parties in the USA and other western societies is another reason behind the increase in hate crimes.


Mahmuda FatemaMahmuda Fatema

Muslims cannot just be presented as pawns in the global security game. Islamophobia existed in America long before Trump. Muslims have long been particularly vulnerable to backlash driven by negative stereotypes in part, because they make up a relatively small slice of the overall US population. But when a major-party nominee endorses and reinforces those stereotypes, immigrant Muslims face serious risk of increased marginalisation and outright violence. A wide array of factors contribute to the incidence of hate crimes. Ignorance and isolation may play a role. But these hate surges are less likely influenced from ‘Orientalism’ or ‘Clash of Civilizations’, since the East & the West have already been involved in frictional infighting among respective regional blocks. Undoubtedly, thus it goes that, political rhetoric is definitely playing a role in fueling the hate-crimes.


Ahasan UllahAhsan Ullah Yubraj

The muslim persecution has been going on for sometime in the West. However, the muslim countries of the OIC hardly speak out to protest these killing or crimes. Muslims need to be more careful in the current world and they need to come together while also denouncing terrorist activities carried out by so-called islamist organisations like ISIS.




Confusion and panic



Nahid HossainNahid Hossain

Some perverted people are taking advantage of social media’s popularity to spread false news thus creating confusion and panic in our society. Religion and government seems to be their main interest. Sometimes celebrities are also affected…We need to be more conscious and avoid any comments or likes on such news portals.




Rakib ChowdhuryRakib Chowdhury

Online news portals, blogs and social media pages are so vast in number that it is almost impossible to monitor them regularly to filter out fake or falsified information. However if government agencies work together with common internet users this becomes more viable.

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